YouTube Updates: Filters, Sorting Options & more

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube filters

YouTube has announced the launch of filters and sorting options for viewers, along with new experiments and features for creator channels.

The experiments and updates by YouTube for channel memberships have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube, and may not be widely available currently.

Filters & Sorting Options

To enable viewers to find the content they're looking for more easily on a channel's video tab, YouTube has announced the launch of filtering and sorting options within a channel's tab.

Viewers will be able to filter videos by content types such as Videos, VOD, Shorts, and Live, and also sort them into oldest and newest videos, once the content type has been selected. The sorting type to oldest videos in the channel level is being discarded.

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Mobile Livestreaming Expansion

In September 2021, YouTube expanded the ability for more creators to stream LIve directly from their mobile and reduced the threshold of 1000 subscribers to 50 subscribers.

The platform has now announced a few safeguards for the option, including a limit on concurrent viewers, and when the limit hits, creators and viewers will be notified and streaming will be set to private.

When the creator reaches the threshold of a thousand viewers, the limit of concurrent viewers will be lifted and the streaming will no longer be set to private.