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Stonks Studios

Who are we? 

Stonks Studios is a collective of young creators hunted meticulously from across the country by its four co-founders: Tanisha Fagwani, Nikhil Jain, Manoj Mehta, and Maseeh Ur Rahmaan

More than just an agency set-up, Stonks Studios is a content house that creates engaging, and data-driven content on the internet in collaboration with brands. As we build their voices and online communities, we also establish channels for communication between them and their consumers. 

Our modus operandi is primarily humour and culturally relevant conversations that we wrap in internet friendly, minimal designs. 

What's in the name? 

Anybody familiar with the internet lingo today would be familiar with the word ‘Stonks’. It means unstoppable, exponential growth, and that is precisely what we stand for.

But beyond this literal connection, ‘Stonks’ also illustrates our tight grip over the peculiarities of the internet. As we promise growth to brands, we also promise them pop culture relevance and a close tie with the gen-z.

What do we do?

We are a team of some of the coolest content creators in the country and that’s precisely what we do. Leveraging our years of experience in content creation and just generally chilling on the internet, we create digital content in collaboration with brands that help them build their social voice. We facilitate an interaction between them and their consumers beyond the scope of their services. Not here to market brands or their products, we are here to make them accessible to their audience. And if we can get a laugh out of it all, what could be better than that?

Why do we do it? 

The Internet can be a cluttered space to experience where everything reflects off everything, creating endless iterations of a single item with little to no difference. And since we too are residents here, the least we can do is collect and fold this clutter into neat, accessible pieces from our end. 

This is something that we have been doing since our inception. When we create content for brands, we make sure that what we create is of value and purpose, and not made for mindless consumption.

How do we evolve? 

We are a team of very young individuals who are creators first. We do what we do because we have an intrinsic passion for content creation. In that light, keeping up with the trends does not reveal itself as an additional challenge to us. We understand that the internet is a dynamic space by its very nature. It can never be static and so naturally, we too have to be prompt and receptive of the developments that come about it.

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Social responsibility in social media 

All content is information. And since it is information that we are having a go at, we must take responsibility for it. It becomes our job to keep it in check; make sure none of what we put out in the world is misleading, untrue, or malicious in any form or shape. 

Need of the hour 

If it were possible, we would have said a thorough decluttering of the internet today. But to be real, we feel the need of the hour is to take charge and actively create content that is original, fresh, and inventive while being inclusive and in line with the progressive values.

We learned the hard way 

That client may not always be right. There are times when we have to take creative risks even if it means going against the clients if we want to make a mark.

Did we just share that? 

Our team probably doesn’t know it, but it is very likely that we hired them before we even got to open their CVs. Hiring at Stonks is not a matter of elaborate cover letters and resumes; if you have the talent and skills for it, you are welcome here.

They work with us 

Barely six months old, we have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best brands in the country. Here are some of our current clients, and we only hope to add more to this list:

  1. Swiggy India
  2. Amazon Minitv
  3. Fampay
  4. Bewakoof
  5. Peyush Bansal

Industry as we foresee 

The Social Media Industry is here to stay, to grow, to be more mainstream than it currently is. What we need to do amidst all of this is be up to date with it, and evolve as it evolves. We have a future ahead where information would be the sole thing of monetary value.

A day without Internet 

If being connected is like breathing, a day without the internet would be like a moment when you skip a heartbeat. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but it would certainly be refreshing. To experience not knowing for a day wouldn’t hurt.