Case Study: How Hide & Seek distributed their Valentine’s Day video Campaign

Hide & Seek Start your story

The Hide & Seek social media campaign aimed to amplify the impact of video films, driving awareness and conversations around their core proposition. This was done with the help of an influencer and UGC push.

Here’s a deep dive into how the Hide & Seek Valentine’s Day video campaign, garnered around 27 Mn views with the support of social media marketing, influencer outreach, and UGC push.

Category Introduction

The global cookies market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.37% during the forecast period (2020 – 2025). India is a transitional market as far as biscuit consumption is concerned. According to the Market Outlook report, India’s biscuit market stood at INR 28,387 crores in 2016, and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.27%, in value terms, between 2017 and 2022, to reach Rs 52,771 crores by 2022. The shift in consumption towards bakery products owing to better appeal, taste, and convenience is a significant driver of the market growth.

The organised biscuit market in India, which is valued at INR 37,000 crore in size, grew at double the rate of growth in April-May against pre-Covid levels as people stockpiled on essential goods during the lockdown. Cookies product type is anticipated to be the fastest-growing segment in India’s biscuits market. With changing taste preferences of consumers, the cookies segment is likely to register the fastest growth rate. With increasing purchasing power, consumers are readily paying for taste and quality products. In India, there are lots of festivals people celebrate. Gifting options pertaining to high-end cookies is a key trend prevalent in metro cities owing to its longer shelf life as compared to chocolates and sweets.

Brand Introduction

Hide & Seek is a brand that’s a part of Parle Platina’s ecosystem. Introduced in 2017, Parle Platina is the premium and exclusive range from the House of Parle. Their indulgent and aspirational range includes Hide & Seek, Milano, and Nutricrunch made from the finest ingredients such as dark cocoa, mixed berries and real chocolate chips. Made with Real Chocolate Chips, Hide & Seek is the most preferred brand and a market leader in the Chocolate Chip Cookies segment. On social media, Hide & Seek aims to drive engagements, interactions, and conversations with a young pan-India audience around early infatuations and crushes, amongst teenagers.


Hide & Seek came up with a series of three films for Valentine’s Day that subtly highlighted the initial sparks of infatuation amongst the teenagers. The campaign, titled ‘Start your story with Hide & Seek’, captured the same emotion.

The social media campaign aimed to amplify the impact of the films and their main campaign song, driving awareness and conversations around the core thought. This was done with the help of an influencer and UGC push.

Problem Statement/Objective

Hide & Seek’s brand space is all about celebrating young love and the jitters that come with it. As far as topicals go, Valentine’s Day is right up their alley. The primary objective of the campaign was to send out one simple message: Take the first step towards the one you seek.

As an extension, the campaign aimed to drive engagement and spread awareness of the films and the main audio track by amplifying the creative thought – ‘Start Your story with Hide & Seek’.

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The brief focused on the digital amplification of the films. The communication targeted the Urban/Semi-Urban College teenagers – Aged 16 -18.

The task was a through and through digital amplification, plan spread across phases [Read: Pre-launch, launch & Post launch] that included an influencer activity, UGC entry-based contest and surrounding content.

Creative Idea

The campaign was set out with a two-pronged approach to amplify the films: Influencer & UGC amplification. In one of the films, the duo is seen doing a hand trick with the Hide & Seek cookie, which we call the Hide & Seek Flip. They leveraged this moment and gamified it to create a challenge. With the help of an influencer burst, the brand got popular duos to show their renditions of the Hide & Seek Flip challenge. What followed was a series of cute, banter-like moments shared between the couples, trying to play the game.

The brand posted the Hide & Seek flip Challenge on their reels and asked the audience to recreate and share their best renditions. This was opened up to a reward-based contest inviting everyone to participate.


The greatest challenge that they realized was that the trick in itself was a tad bit complicated to master, so the brand decided to leverage it in a tactical way. The contest terms were established in a way where the winner is decided based on the most creative/fun entry. The idea was not to perfect the flip but to have fun while doing so. This brought out an element of authenticity, instead of a rehearsed output.


The brand went live with the three films (one every week) leading up to Valentine’s day. The films were surrounded with pieces of content/snippets from the films to further amplify the same.

Hide & Seek Flip Challenge

The week before Valentine’s Day, they initiated the Hide & Seek Flip Challenge on Instagram, after identifying influencers duos who fit the brand space. The likes of Prabhat Chaudhary, Jasleen Arora, & Nikhil Malik took this challenge. They were asked to overlay the Hide & Seek audio track over their voices, which helped amplify the campaign song.

The brand capitalized on the reach of these influencers with the help of collaboration posts on Instagram. They expected situations wherein the couple’s chemistry would come to life on-screen with cute banter-like moments, which seamlessly came out in the output. This was followed by an Instagram story by each influencer talking about the challenge and asking the users to participate, pushing organic participation.

What’s Your Story?

Hide & Seek decided to celebrate Valentine’s day by taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at how people started their (love) stories. A day before Valentine’s they started an engagement stories series, giving the audience a chance to share their respective stories. The winner got a chance to dedicate the Hide & Seek song to their special person.

Additionally, the brand ran a geo-targeted campaign on Youtube with the language variations of the films to maximize their potential reach and form a stronger connection with the audience.



  1. The campaign was able to garner around 27 Million video views with an average VTR of 23.3%
  2. The entire campaign garnered a reach of over 32.6M.
  3. Total views achieved in the #HideAndSeekFlipChallenge were over 2 Million. They also got over 100 organic UGC entries
  4. Instagram page views increased 75x during Valentine’s day period


Staying true to Valentine’s day, the campaign not only celebrated but also invited stories around the very human narrative of the jitters and excitement that comes with seeking the one you like.

“Our premium brand Hide & Seek resonates with young and innocent love while acting as an enabler to ignite a spark in situations wherein people feel hesitant to express themselves freely or directly. Our brand plays the role of breaking the ice so the first-time conversations between two young people are comfortable and relaxed. Since the campaign is targeted towards teenagers, it’s not about intense love but about innocent attraction and young playful chemistry” said, Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products.