LinkedIn updates its Professional Community Policies

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The updated Professional Community Policies by LinkedIn elucidate regulations formed in strive to maintain the digital well-being of the users and the overall welfare of the platform.

All LinkedIn users are obligated to adhere to the policies in a bid to keep the platform safe, trusted, and professional. The professional network has shared the updated policies to explain what the policies mean and how they're applied.

LinkedIn has also launched additional resources to explain the kind of content that is not allowed on the platform and explain with detailed examples, which content to report, and how account restrictions are handled.

Harassment, hate speech, and other abusive content will continue to never be allowed on the platform, but the updated policies have added types of comments and behaviour that go against the Professional Community Policies.

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The LinkedIn policies are built on three pillars:

Be safe: Only bring safe conversations to LinkedIn.

Be trustworthy: Use true identity and share information that is real and authentic.

Be professional: Broad range of conversations is allowed, but only from the professional world.

Users can report profiles, posts, messages, or anything they see on LinkedIn that they feel violates the policies, and the platform would review and act on it.

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