Meta Quest is introducing VR parental supervision tools

VR Quest

Content restriction, linked accounts to oversee activity, and lock patterns, are a few of the tools launched for Meta Quest devices to give parents control over the online activity of their teenagers and place their activity under supervision.

More features to expedite parental supervision include the ability for users to utilize the unlock pattern on their Quest headsets and lock certain applications straight from VR. Once an app is locked, the user must draw the unlock pattern in order to open and activate it. This update allows parents and guardians to use an unlock pattern to prohibit kids 13+ years of age from accessing games and activities they deem inappropriate.

Quest devices are exclusively for teens over the age of 13 and are not suitable for younger kids. Their parental supervision features are made to satisfy the needs of teenagers aged 13 and older.

The platform will expand the functionality of their existing unlock pattern on Quest headsets as a first step toward providing customers more customizable control over their VR experience. One may now set an unlock pattern as an extra layer of protection to prevent others from accessing their device or saved passwords. This will allow parents to prohibit teens from accessing games and activities they believe are inappropriate for their age by using an unlock pattern to limit access to certain applications.

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The platform will also start automatically blocking teens 13+ years of age from downloading or purchasing apps rated age-inappropriate by the International Age Rating Coalition. Parents would be allowed to override app blocks on an individual level. Only minors who have parental monitoring tools enabled can seek permission to overcome blocks, and parents can accept or decline each request.

The Parent Dashboard, available on the Oculus mobile app will allow parents to link to their kid’s account through a process initiated by the teen and with approval from both sides.

Parents will also be able to restrict access to certain applications on their children’s headsets, examine all of the apps owned by the teenager and friend lists, and block PC VR connections through Link and Air Link via the Parent Dashboard. The parent will be able to see headset screen time via the Oculus mobile app, allowing them to see how much time their child spends in VR.