Meta Quest software update rolls out new features

Meta update

The Meta Quest v40 software update revolves majorly around security and privacy, with features such as the ability to lock specific apps behind the unlock pattern, plus support for 3D Secure payments in-headset, and optional end-to-end encrypted Messenger calling.

The update also includes expanded keyboard tracking with a few new models and an added pair of audio-centric accessibility features to the Settings menu. Meta Quest v40 software update will be gradually rolled out and may not be presently available to all users.

App Unlock

The new App Unlock feature enables users to put specific behind an unlock pattern, so they can make sure no other family member or friend accesses those apps, hinders the progress of a game, or finds any age-appropriate content, and so on. Once an app is locked, users will need to input your pattern every time they want to unlock and launch it. This security feature for any and all Meta Quest devices also acts as a starting point for parents as the rollout of parental supervision tools begins in the coming months.

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Secure Payments

Users will be able to make payments with a 3DS-enabled credit card in VR, including the 3DS authorization step (though developers will need to opt-in to enable 3DS support for in-app purchases). Users can keep payments secure without having to pull off headsets every time they want to download the latest products.


Meta Quest 2 first introduced the ability to track Logitech’s K830 keyboard via Bluetooth, and Apple Magic Keyboard, now the company has enabled support for the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, along with new Logitech keyboards: the Logitech K375s and Logitech MX Keys.