The new campaign by MamaXpert speaks about the importance of self-care in motherhood


The new campaign highlights the unintentional bias that many have formed when it comes to tending to the needs of pregnant women.

Mothers themselves are more often than not engrossed in taking care of their children and forget about taking care of themselves. While motherhood can be beautiful in its own ways, it is also a physically and emotionally challenging time for mothers. However, as a society, we tend to overlook the many issues faced by mothers.

With this insight at heart, MamaXpert by Cipla Health released a social experiment campaign, titled ‘What A Mama Wants’. The campaign speaks about the unintentional bias that many have when it comes to tending to the needs of pregnant women.

As a part of the social experiment campaign, two groups were created – the first comprised of regular people while the second group consisted of pregnant women. Each group was asked to pick daily household objects that would make the life of a pregnant woman easier.

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The first group picked up objects that would help the mothers care for their babies better. Whereas the second group, consisting of the pregnant women opted for products that would ease their situation and make motherhood a tad bit more comfortable.

Through the campaign, the brand aimed to highlight how even though people’s intentions were right, they are conditioned to focus on the child over the needs of the mother itself.

Further, the brand created a campaign hub, The Mother Board, where pregnant women and mothers could share advice on self-care with each. The idea was to create a like-minded community that can help each other out in one of the most trying, exciting, and difficult times.