#SS40Under40 Marketing & Advertising is a way of uplifting society says Jasmeet Kaur Bedi

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Jasmeet Kaur Bedi

Jasmeet Kaur Bedi of Bharti Axa Life insurance talks about work-life balance in the evolving A&M industry.

Jasmeet Kaur Bedi, AVP Digital Marketing, Bharti Axa Life Insurance and a winner of Social Samosa 40 Under 40, 2022 edition, gives an insight into her journey. As an Advertising and Marketing professional, what worked for Bedi, and some advice for the up and coming professionals.

3 ground rules/principles that have helped you excel in your career

  • Invest Time & Energy in People - Having a well-knit, goal-oriented team – is a must for success. And great teams need time & energy– to grow, to learn, to fail & to rise again!
  • Always have a clear Objective – objectivity helps in driving organizational agenda at an un-precedent speed. Having clearly defined objectives right at the beginning provides a head start!
  • Be Truthful – This has been a non-negotiable for me! Whether it is about standing for what is right for the customer or what needs to be done when as a Marketer. Being True to the Organisation’s agenda & towards customers goes a long way.

One takeaway from the pandemic & the whole WFH situation

The right time is now & not later. I feel this is the most important takeaway from this pandemic for me. While Covid-19 pushed us all to WFH and the lines between professional and personal lives blurred like never before – I am definitely way more grateful to our ecosystem which enabled us to deliver so much more than what we could imagine in spite of the most challenging times.

What are your views on work-life balance? How do you achieve it in your daily life?

I believe each individual should create their own definition of work-life balance. Basis life stage, job designation and personal goals. This very definition is up for interpretation.

For me, it is about – being able to do what I want to do - on any day. It could be about a long day at work designing a 360-degree marketing campaign or taking a day off when I need to unwind. I always schedule my priorities right and that helps.

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One moment that changed your career…and how?

The moment I realized, early in my career, that Marketing is not just about Advertising, Branding or PR.

For me – Marketing & Advertising is a way of uplifting society towards a better version of itself each day, each year. All meaningful brands, solve some consumer needs & hence their marketing & communication directs the audience towards a better future. From Online Education Unicorns to FMCG Giants – all are doing their part of the job, so impeccably!

Top advertising & marketing trends that you have come across in the last year - these can be takeaways from your daily work-life experience

Authentic Marketing - So many brands in the last 1 year have picked up the route of authentic marketing; being really honest with the customer! This definitely garners more brownie points than any high decibel media launch.

Go beyond Google & Facebook – Digital Marketing Eco-system is ever-evolving. The next change that is here to stay is marketing designs that go beyond these giants. It is not about the platform but the audience.

One thing that you would like to change in the Indian A&M industry

Comparing Offline & Online Advertising – It is high time we accept that these are just 2 forms of marketing, 2 ways of reaching an audience – one need not win over the other. The whole marketing strategy has to win, irrespective of the share. The marketing decisions should be driven with the consumer at the centre & not the marketing medium.

Any jargon that you think needs to be banned from the A&M lingo?

Oh yes, actually many. Here are some:

  • Viral
  • Guaranteed
  • Mar-tech

One message for aspiring A&M professionals

Stay Curious Always! Do not rush to capture trends, keep business objectives at the core, always look out for audience insights and make decisions that can be measured objectively.