YouTube Updates: Clips Launch, & Post Image Polls

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube Clips

YouTube has announced the launch of Clips, a tool that enables extraction snippets from a video, along with a new update for creator channels.

The experiments and updates by YouTube for channel memberships have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube, and may not be widely available currently.


YouTube has been expanding Clips to more creators and has announced that it will be available to all creators by the end of this week. First introduced in the beta phase in 2021, Clips enables creators to highlight interesting moments on live streams in particular and VOD, by generating a snippet of the video.

Initially designed for gaming creators, the feature has use case applications for all creators on YouTube, especially ones creating long-form content. Creators can select 5-60 seconds of a video or a live stream and generate its own unique clip URL, and the section will play on loop directly on the existing Watch Page of the video for all viewers who click on the link.

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How To Use Clips

  • Click on the ‘Clip’ button beside the ‘Share’ and ‘Save’ options on the Watch Page of the video
  • Pick the section you want to generate the Clip of, and drag the bars to increase or decrease the duration of the video
  • Add a title
  • Click ‘Share Clip’
  • Copy the URL, or share it on the desired platform(s)

Post Image Polls

Polls have been a prominent interactive feature for several creators that also helps the gain feedback from their viewers along with interacting with them. Previously, creators could only run text-based polls, but with the new launch, creators will be able to share images to polls.

This has been a top requested feature and is now available on Android devices to creators that have access to the Community tab or have 500 or more subscribers. Creators can share up to 500 or more subscribers, and viewers across, Android, iOS, and desktop will be able to use it.

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