YouTube Updates: Key Moments in YouTube analytics & more

YouTube Updates

YouTube has announced the launch of Key Moments in YouTube analytics on mobile, along with new updates for creator channels such as pre-publish checks for copyright claims and ad suitability.

The experiments and updates by YouTube for channel memberships have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube, and may not be widely available currently.

Key Moments

Key Moments in YouTube analytics that was launched a few years back on desktop is now available on mobile, and several key features that were only accessible on desktop are now available on mobile. For instance, spikes and dips in a video would be highlighted through this tool.

The feature enables creators to analyze how the audience reacts to those portions of the video and also spot retention trends. Channel-level summary of top moments across videos published in the last year, and a video player capability to enable interactivity between key moments would also be available.

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Pre-publish Checks

To cut down restrictions on videos posted by creators, YouTube will be launching the access for pre-publish checks before a video is posted.

When creators upload a video, YouTube runs various checks in the background, to manage copyright claims (if there are any) in the video, and to scrutinize the content’s suitability for ads; these pre-publish checks will be available to creators in the coming weeks.

YouTube will be making it easier for creators to access these check results before a video is published, and give them controls to act on any restrictions before a video is published.

Ad suitability checks will only be available to monetizing creators, corporate checks will be available for all creators. They can act on these restrictions by disputing a copyright claim or reviewing for ad suitability. Although it is important for creators to note that the checks do not guarantee there wouldn’t be any problems after publishing the video.