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Kulfi Collective

Who are we?

Kulfi Collective is a content network that produces original and branded content that functions at the intersection of community, commerce and culture. We bring together creators and technology in content production to produce innovative content at scale for Gen Y & Gen Z audiences. We operate through three verticals - Supari Studios (branded content), Post Office (immersive content) and Keeda Media (original content).

Over the last 9 years, we have produced 10,000+ minutes of content that has been viewed over 1.5b times for some of the most ambitious brands and platforms in the world such as Red Bull, Google, Netflix, Spotify and Flipkart to name a few. Here is a quick video about our company and here is a link to our pitch deck.

What's in the name?

At Kulfi, we tell stories that are authentic, rooted in culture and designed to make you smile. And that’s why we’re called Kulfi - because you cannot say it without smiling (literally and figuratively). Go on, try it :)

What do we do?

We produce branded and original online video content. Our capabilities extend from content strategy to creative development and content production. We work with brands and platforms to help produce differentiated, relatable and scalable content that builds engaged communities of GenY/GenZ audiences online.

Why do we do what we do?

We’ve always believed that storytelling is our superpower and are on a mission to tell stories that shape culture and make the world wide web a better place, one incredible story at a time.

How do we evolve?

The internet has disrupted the way content is distributed and in turn, the way it is consumed. We see the next wave of disruption in the way this content is produced. At Kulfi, we are building an integrated solution of talent and technology that creates content IPs at scale and builds communities that help brands and platforms connect deeply with their audiences. We’re constantly watching, learning, observing and sharing knowledge around ways that can make us better storytellers.

Social responsibility in social media

As creators and storytellers, we believe we have the unique opportunity to shape culture and through the stories we tell, we hope to shape youth culture to be more informed, inclusive and inspired.

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They work with us

Disney+ Hotstar, Namma Netflix, Cred Launch Campaign

Industry as we foresee

We are super excited about the potential and opportunities for web3. In the next few years - our goal is to reimagine the future of storytelling by building decentralised communities and producing content, especially in the spheres of gender & identity, music & culture, gaming & sports as well as crypto & entrepreneurship.

Lastly, are you hiring?