Burger King & Hrithik Roshan turn to Jugaad for their latest campaign #EkDumPachaas

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To promote their everyday ₹50 stunner menu, Burger King tricks Hrithik Roshan in three different ways in the new campaign #EkDumPachaas

In their latest campaign #EkDumPachaas, Burger King very cleverly tricked Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan into posing in front of their ₹50 stunner menu.

The TVCs that has the audience and the entire internet in splits witnesses an oblivious Hrithik Roshan posing for the camera all the while the backdrop is a promotion for Burger King’s ₹50 stunner menu.

The two TVCs that went live on the brand’s page, saw Hrithik get tricked by the brand in different ways. In the first, he posed for the paparazzi and unknowingly promoted the ₹50 stunner menu. While in the second one he became a GIF for the brand. And in response to this trick, Burger King said that by giving great value for a meal in just ₹50 they had no choice but to prank Hrithik into generating content for them.

After the first TVC from the campaign was released on the internet, the star of the AD - Hrithik himself took to Twitter and questioned the brand on it's choices.

Speaking on the campaign, Bollywood Superstar, Hrithik Roshan, said, "It was a total treat to be part of Stunner Menu campaign with Burger King. We had a lot of fun shooting for it.”

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The campaign gained a lot of laughs from the audience on the internet and within minutes of going live, became a viral sensation.

Wherein, brands also took part and chimed in with their funny remarks.


Burger King too had the perfect comebacks -

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