He’s a 10, but brands don’t tweet about him

He's a 10

He’s a 10, and she’s a 10, but they are not invited to the topical trend party, here’s the red carpet to every brand’s tweet from the trend.

He’s a 10, or she’s a 10 is a trend kicked off by meme pages from the West and like most topical trends the template crossed seven seas and made its way across the globe, taking over Twitter mainly, giving into the textual nature of the template. Soon almost every brand in the socioverse shared a take on He’s a 10 with a tweet.

Brands tapped several relatable and hilarious instances that surround their product usage, as well as included a brand integration. boAt shared an irritating inclination that’s taking over social media users, BigBasket shared a test most boys fail, and Durex India hoisted a red flag that is a signal to run away wherever it’s seen.

More brands roasted the ones who choose the harder way to do things and don’t use their products.

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Durex India

Tinder India

YouTube India


Netflix India

Kotak 811

McDonald’s India

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