Meta introduces new age-verification on Instagram & AI Sound Models for virtual experiences

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The new AI models are designed to make sounds more realistic in virtual reality experiences by Meta, and the new age-verification process includes two new options for users.

The AI Models would be integrated into the upcoming AR & VR experiences on Meta. Further, users trying to edit their age on Instagram would be required to choose either of the options for age verification.

Here's more on both the updates.

Age-Verification On Instagram

Instagram is testing new ways to verify age on the platform, enabling age-appropriate experiences and has partnered with Yoti, a company that specializes in privacy-preserving ways to verify age.

In addition to providing an ID, people will now be able to ask others to vouch for their age or use technology that can confirm their age based on a video selfie. The new options for age verification will first be rolled out in the US.

Users attempting to edit their date of birth on Instagram from under the age of 18 to 18 or over, will be required to verify their age using one of three options: upload their ID, record a video selfie or ask mutual friends to verify their age.

Users will still be able to upload their ID to verify their age with forms of identification like a driver’s license or ID card. Instagram will use the ID to confirm the age. The platform states the ID will be stored on its servers and deleted within 30 days. Instagram also uses artificial intelligence to verify people's ages to understand if someone is a teen or an adult.

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Apart from uploading their ID, users can choose to upload a video selfie to verify their age. If users choose this option, they'll see instructions on the screen to guide them. After they take a video selfie, the platform shares the image with Yoti. Yoti’s technology estimates the age based on the facial features and shares that estimate.

The 'Social Vouching' option allows users to ask mutual followers to confirm how old they are. The person vouching must be at least 18 years old, must not be vouching for anyone else at that time, and will need to meet other safeguards in place. The three people users select to vouch for them will receive a request to confirm their age and will need to respond within three days.

AI Models

Meta has built three new artificial intelligence (AI) models — Visual-Acoustic Matching, Visually-Informed Dereverberation, and VisualVoice — that are designed to make the sound more realistic in mixed and virtual reality experiences. Acoustics play a role in how sound will be experienced in the metaverse, and Meta believes AI will be core to delivering realistic sound quality.

The models have been designed by artificial intelligence (AI) researchers and audio specialists from the Meta Reality Labs team, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Texas at Austin. These models, focus on human speech and sounds in the video, and are designed to push users towards a more immersive reality at a faster rate.

All three models tie into the AI research around audio-visual perception. Meta envisions a future where people can put on AR glasses and relive a holographic memory that looks and sounds the exact way they experienced it from their vantage point or feels immersed by not just the graphics but also the sounds as they play games in a virtual world.

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