Meta’s Messenger & Messenger Kids introduces #ConnectWithPride features

Social Samosa
Jun 09, 2022 03:51 IST
#ConnectWithPride Messenger

Meta’s Messenger is launching new features to #ConnectWithPride such as new stickers, avatars, and camera options, in support of the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

Starting today, in support of the LGBTQ+ community and allies, Messenger is launching new features and celebrating the artists and creators, as a part of their #ConnectWithPride initiative.

Connect With Pride on Messenger!

Starting today, users can check out messenger's Word Effects, camera stickers, and 3D Avatar stickers, in addition to their 360 background, sticker pack, and chat theme currently available in celebration of Pride Month (accessible on both Messenger and Instagram). 

Once users select the Pride chat theme, they can try out Beautiful 💯, Queer 🌈, Community 🤝, Stand Proud 🏳️‍🌈 and Transgender 🏳️‍⚧️, or create their own Word Effects to level up the convos with friends and family in celebration of Pride. 

Further, users can show Pride with 3D Avatar stickers on feed and stories on Facebook and Messenger. Users will be able to show up as their own Avatar in their Facebook profile picture, and in comments, stickers, stories, and more.

Later this month, the platform will also roll out a new sticker pack that invites conversation around support and love, designed in partnership with the incredibly talented London-based, non-binary artist and creator Wednesday Holmes (they/them).

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Amplifying LGBTQ+ Voices & Changemakers

Messenger also highlights LGBTQ+ voices and artists that make an impact and inspire us. The platform shared the story of Kais Boukthir (he/him/his), a talented actor, model, and LGBTQ+ activist born and raised in the small town of Gafsa in Tunisia, North Africa. As a college student, Kais made the tough decision to claim asylum in the U.S. This meant giving up his right to return to his home country and see his family and loved ones so that he could live openly and authentically without penalty. Kais uses Messenger as his primary means of communication with his mom (who still lives in Tunisia), so that he can continue to connect and share with her.

Kais shares, “I had to make a choice to pick the life where I could be myself or give up my country, friends, loved ones, and a bright future I would’ve had in my own country if I was born straight. My goal is to fight so the next generation won’t have to make that decision.”

Messenger will release Kais’ story in a two-part docuseries beginning June 9 on the Messenger Facebook page. 

Tune In & Celebrate Pride Month With Jojo Siwa

Users can also tune in to Facebook Watch & Watch Together to enjoy new original content from global superstar, JoJo Siwa. This month, users can check out JoJo Goes, a new hybrid docuseries format that follows JoJo and her celebrity friends as they partake in some crazy fun adventures she’s always wanted to experience but never got the chance to try before. The new series is executive produced by B17 Entertainment.

Connect With Pride on Messenger Kids

For kids wanting to celebrate Pride this month, Messenger Kids is bringing back its Pride camera stickers and camera frame, as well as a rainbow AR effect. The artwork will be available to decorate photos and videos for the entire month of June.

Accessing #ConnectWithPride Pride Month Features

  • Camera Stickers: To use camera stickers on Messenger, open the Messenger app and start a video call, create a room, or take photos using the Messenger camera, and tap each of the features at the bottom of the screen!
  • 3D Avatar Stickers: To create an Avatar and share it as a 3D sticker, in a Messenger chat, tap on the smiley face then select the sticker button. Users can click on “make your avatar” to customize and dress their avatar, which they can then share in a Messenger chat or in comments on Facebook posts. If users already have an Avatar and want to change it,  they may also do so by clicking the smiley face on a Messenger chat thread, then the sticker button. Click on “See What’s New” and choose “Edit your Avatar” to view customization options. And ready to share!
  • Chat Theme: For Pride chat themes, open a Messenger thread and tap on the top bar to open the settings, then select “theme." To use this chat theme on Instagram, open a chat thread and tap on the information button at the top right corner of the screen. Under the chat settings, click the “Theme” button and the user will be able to select the Pride chat theme.
  • Word Effects (Messenger only): In a Messenger chat, one can go to thread details and tap Word Effects to add words (note: Word Effects associated with a chat theme are automatically added — just type the word in a message and send).
  • Watch Together: Tune in to JoJo Goes this June on Facebook Watch or with your friends through Messenger’s Watch Together feature. To access Watch Together on Messenger or Instagram, simply start a video call, tap the media button in the bottom right on Instagram, or swipe up to access the menu on Messenger, select ‘Watch Together’ and search for JoJo Goes.
  • Messenger Kids: To start decorating photos and videos, select the camera button in Messenger Kids and tap the frame or sticker icon to access the effects tray.