Reddit and DoubleVerify partner up to provide third-party ad measurement tools

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Reddit DoubleVerify

With an aim to expand the suite of third-party measurement tools available for advertisers, Reddit has announced a partnership with DoubleVerify to develop reliable measurement solutions.

DoubleVerify is a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics. This announcement marks the beginning of a collaboration between Reddit and DoubleVerify to develop S2S solutions that bring increased transparency, through verification measurement, to Reddit’s dynamic surfaces.

“Equipping our advertisers with the best and most innovative third-party controls over their campaigns reinforces our commitment to transparency and quality of Reddit ads” said Jonathan Flesher, Reddit’s VP of Business Development. “As our ads platform continues to grow, we are excited to be partnering with an industry-leading independent measurement provider and believe that together we can deliver best-in-class solutions and instill further confidence in Reddit campaigns.”

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This collaboration will test and expand measurement for Reddit advertisers. In addition to the existing third-party verification offering with Oracle, DoubleVerify will deliver its full suite of viewability, invalid traffic and brand safety measurement services to Reddit’s global advertising partners. Furthermore, Reddit and DoubleVerify will work together to enable a brand safety solution that provides coverage across Reddit’s dynamic environments consisting of over 100,000 engaged and passionate communities.

“Our partnership with Reddit is part of our commitment to verify ad quality and performance everywhere – on every platform, device and format,” said Steven Woolway, DoubleVerify’s EVP of Business Development. “The dynamic nature of user-led environments makes the need for comprehensive, third-party authentication – including fraud/IVT, viewability and brand suitability – even more critical. To that end, we are excited to be Reddit's first full suite verification partner, ensuring campaigns meet key quality criteria while maximizing impact and performance for advertisers.”

Reddit and DoubleVerify look forward to providing exclusive, integrated solutions to Reddit’s advertiser base as a part of this partnership. The platform will aim to continue to elevate Reddit’s advertising experience and will be working with DoubleVerify partners on the technical integration of this solution set over the coming months, and anticipate the full-suite solution to be available in 2023.