#SS40Under40: Powerful cultural storytelling will be more important than ever says, Ayaaz Khan

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Jun 01, 2022 04:33 IST
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Ayaaz Khan

Ayaaz Khan, Max Life Insurance speaks about the evolving industry dynamics, highlighting how culture fuelling storytelling needs to make a comeback.

Ayaaz Khan, VP - Marketing, Max Life Insurance and a part of Social Samosa 40 under 40, 2022 speaks about the changing marketing trends - right from the need for brands to go beyond traditional ads to building more focus on brand advocates.

Top advertising & marketing trends that you have come across in the last year – these can be takeaways from your daily work life experience

  • Digital transformation will continue to be a focus as brands and companies realize that they will never go back to “business as normal”
  • Consumers going numb to digital ads- brands need to think beyond this go to media format to re-engage with their customers in unique ways, think experiential.
  • Accelerated adoption of automation
  • Growing focus on meaning and purpose- has never been more important to know your “why”
  • Influencer marketing getting even bigger and moving into regional and sharper influencer powered by vernacular
  • Rise of video & voice powered by vernacular
  • More focus on building brand advocates
  • Rise of e-commerce purchasing capabilities
  • Powerful cultural storytelling by brands will be more important than ever before.

One thing that you would like to change in the Indian A&M industry

As the world around us is changing rapidly, so are our attention spans. But that should not mean that brands and marketers forget what consistency of messaging is all about. It is important to be patient and consistent to reap results- stay simple, stay consistent and stay invested in your messaging.

The importance of brand storytelling has diminished and has been taken over by a lot more tactical approach to marketing. The importance of culture fuelling storytelling must come back to advertising and marketing.

Any jargons that you think need to be banned from the A&M lingo?

  • Out of the box
  • Viral
  • Buzz

One message for aspiring A&M professionals.

If you love what you are doing, that will make it so much easier to actually sit down, create content, inspire, entertain and educate. That is what’s really important.

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Ground rules/principles that have helped you excel in your career

  • Believe in yourself and your convictions
  • Do not fear taking risks or challenging the status quo.
  • Be adaptable to change
  • Keep learning & keep it simple

One takeaway from the pandemic & the whole WFH situation

Old Truth- Relationships matter

New Truth- Relationships are everything!

Old Truth: Your brand should stand behind great products

New Truth: your brand should stand behind great values

What are your views on work-life balance? How do you achieve it in your daily life?

Work-life balance is a cycle, not an achievement.

  • Pause and de-normalize- check your status quo and ask yourself what are you prioritizing and is it worth it?
  • Pay attention to your emotions- Once you have increased your awareness of your current situation, examine how that situation makes you feel.
  • Reprioritize- increasing your cognitive and emotional awareness gives you the tools you need to put things into perspective and determine how your priorities need to be adjusted
  • Consider your alternatives- reflect on the aspects of your work and life that could be different in order to better align with your priorities
  • Have fun- take time off to be with your family, a hobby or something that lets you be with yourself.


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