Tally’s ‘Always AweSME’ campaign embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of MSMEs

Tally campaign

To honor the spirit of entrepreneurship, Tally Solutions has launched a new campaign, ‘Always AweSME’. The campaign was launched on International MSME Day to celebrate thriving micro, small, and medium businesses across the world.

The campaign also marked the launch of the second edition of MSME Honours, which received over 2000 nominations globally and 97 winners were honored in India. For the unacquainted, Tally MSME Honours is an annual recognition platform that aims to identify and celebrate the contribution of MSMEs toward nation-building.

The film that serves as the campaign’s focal point shows how one company can have a spur positive influence on other businesses and ultimately benefit the consumers while contributing to the economy as a whole. The campaign depicts a chain reaction that begins with one person taking an initiative toward fulfilling their dreams.

The message ‘Aap Se Bane Hum’ is well portrayed throughout the campaign. The video conveys the effort and commitment put into the business and demonstrates the growth journey that begins, one business at a time.

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Chief Marketing Officer for Tally Solutions, Jayati Singh, said, “MSMEs are crucial for any nation’s development and their ability to choose this path not just enables lives of its employees, it gives hope and opportunities to the larger community. ‘Aap Se Bane Hum’ is a true reflection of how MSMEs and the ecosystem at large are interdependent on each other. We have been enabling our country’s heroes for over three decades now and this film is a small effort in celebrating that spirit.”

Senior Creative Director at DDB Mudra, Jaffer Vemmully, said, “If we look at it, SMEs are a part of everything we do, from businesses to consumers they touch every life, and this is what ignited the thought – Aap Se Banne Hum. This Hum stands for every single entity that prospers because of the SMEs and that’s what we have tried to show in the film too.”

Tally has launched several initiatives to honor and promote the contribution of MSMEs over the past few years. ‘Aap Se Bane Hum’ campaign is a reflection of how the MSME ecosystem flourishes through the support that entrepreneurs offer each other. The campaign gives an ode to those who are always awesome and not afraid to pursue their dreams.