Twitter introduces Product Drops merging pop culture hype with online shopping

Twitter Product Drops

The sale of an anticipated product range from a fashion brand going live, or as fashion and pop culture enthusiasts put it ‘Drop Day’ has inspired a new feature on Twitter called Product Drops.

Product Drops on Twitter will align the hype of a new or limited edition collection, and streamline the experience of buying a product everyone is trying to get their hands on. The new feature will support this consumer inclination with native product support.

The feature is designed to streamline the shopping experience of Twitter users and also provide brands and merchants an avenue for concrete conversions that lead to direct sales.

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The functionality of the feature includes a ‘Remind me’ button for Twitter users at the bottom of the announcement Tweet from merchants. This way users would not have to keep a track of the Drop Day, and when the range is launched, users will get an in-app notification in your Notifications tab 15 minutes before and at the time of the drop.

When clicked on the notification, users will get an option to ‘shop on website’, enabling them to be one of the first consumers to shop the collection and ensuring that they get their hands on the product before stock runs out.

This is also supported by a hub of information about the product, such as info provided by the merchant, and Tweets that give users an idea of what the people are saying about the product.

The Product Details Page shows all the product information on a full-screen space, including the price, pictures, a description of the product, and a clickable hashtag that will show you what other shoppers on Twitter are saying about the product.