A Galaxy filled with James Webb Space Telescope Brand Creatives


NASA dropped its first image from the James Webb Space Telescope, which had the space nerds and otherwise in an uproar. Brands hooked onto this historical moment and shared their take on the event with their version of JWT creatives

On 12th July 2022, NASA unveiled images of the cosmos captured from the James Webb Space Telescope ‚Äď a view the world has never seen before. This historical event had the entire globe on edge and elated about the newest discovery of the JWT image. Soon, netzines and brands alike started pouring in their own take on the celestial wonder.

Using a similar format of comparing the ‘Deepest infrared image of the universe’ and the equivalent to the brands take, many brands gave this trend their own touch.

Here’s a look at some JWT brand creatives that we stumbled upon on the internet.

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Country Delight

Amazon Prime Video

Wakefit Solutions


Hirect India

Netflix India

Dominos India

YouTube India




Glucon-D India

Kotak Mahindra Bank

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