Agency feature: Graphixstory

Sneha Medda
Jul 15, 2022 10:59 IST
Graphixstory Agency Feature

Who are we? 

Graphixstory Pvt Ltd, is an award-winning video and immersive tech-driven creative studio based in Kolkata, available globally. We are an integrated collective of passionate, creative directors, storytellers, visual designers, animators, and techies who believe in the power of collaboration. 

Surajit Majhi, Founder of Graphixstory, Avishek Saha, Co-founder of Graphixstory 

What's in the name? 

We all love stories and storytelling through moving media is our forte. We are specialized in crafting animation and live-action-based storytelling campaigns, but we strongly feel that other mediums of storytelling are equally powerful & relevant as long as they convey the brand’s message clearly to their target audiences. Though we are specialized in video-driven storytelling, we will never think twice if we get the right opportunity to tell a meaningful story using other mediums as well. That is why ‘Graphixstory’ is relevant for us. Graphixstory- stories using graphics. 

What we do? 

2D/3D Animation I Stop-motion I Live-action Ad -storytelling I Illustrations I 3D Set Design | Experience Design (UI/UX) I AR-VR Integration I AR filters I Instagram Ads I Product Shoot (photo and video) | Influencer Campaign

Why we do it? 

We believe that every piece of content/ craft is a reflection of our taste. We all love stories & we love to tell stories through our creative abilities, which might drive certain behavioral change (of course for good) among the masses on behalf of any particular brand or sometimes to support our moral duties to the society/ nation/ civilization/ environment. 

How we evolve? 

Since our inception, we have done a lot of experiments in our segment, namely animation, AR or other immersive technologies, which has not only helped us to hone our skills in new technologies but also helped us to identify the upcoming trends in the industry and story ahead of the curve. 

Another way we have evolved so far is by making mistakes. This might sound a bit odd, but our failures are always our teachers. But we try to make sure that we do not repeat the same mistakes. 

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Social responsibility in social media 

Creative agencies or studios craft campaigns for other brands to convey the brand's message/story to their audiences. Similarly, if an agency takes the initiative through its creativity and art to build up any powerful campaign to support any global or local causes to make the masses aware of a particular situation or take action, it will definitely help us to eradicate certain problems of our society or environment. #artforgood #creativityforgood. 

Need of the hour 

Most importantly, influencers’ activity should be monitored. For eg- as we are consuming a lot of content these days, we often come across a particular influencer endorsing several similar brands from the same industry featuring almost the same product lines. 

Also, we expect the quality of the branded content to be increased as we all consume a lot of content every day on various social media platforms, so the chances are high that we won't be able to recall a particular brand’s post if the content has not already made an impression on our mind.

We learned the hard way 

A free-flowing work culture does not always foster creativity. Sometimes it invites perils like a careless attitude or taken-for-granted attitude and reluctance to upgrade their skills unless the employees are very clear about their role and why this creative freedom has been given to them. 

Did we just share that? 

One of our past clients wanted us to render 3D images on Photoshop. They had the idea that Photoshop can do everything. 

They work with us 

Facebook, Snapchat, Etsy, McDonald’s, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Tata Motors, BBC, Castrol, Nestle, SBI, Hotstar, Nykaa, Dot & Key Skincare, Pink Foundry, Purplle, Khadim etc and a lot of other startups and international brands. 

Industry as we foresee 

Interacting with content will change in the coming days with more applications of Augmented Reality and interactive gaming, web 3 & metaverse becoming the real. It will open up space for brands to build a rock-solid bridge with their audience by engaging them and allowing them to interact in their everyday’s content which could be a very powerful short-term brand-building activity. We can already see that Snapchat is engaging many lifestyle brands to create cool interactive AR effects on their platform using Snap Lens. Instagram is also on the same path. This will only get better and evolve. 

A day without Internet 

A day without internet: Monday is a disaster from the business point of view & Saturday is very peaceful from everyone's point of view. (Important but conditions apply)

Lastly, are you hiring? 

Yes, we are hiring for multiple positions.

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