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Agency Feature: Madarth

Who are we?

We are a 16-year young agency set out to help Indian companies become world-class brands. MADARTH brings together strategic thinking and intelligent creativity to solve business problems and grow value.

What's in the name?

The mission is to turn Indigenous products into Indian brands.

And the vision to transform Indian businesses into world-class brands.

The freedom to let creativity take flight.

And the responsibility to ensure that the solutions remain down to earth.

The work that values customers’ time.

And the perk that values clients’ money.

The will to work with minimum budget.

And the skill to create maximum impact.

The inventiveness of an ad-agency.

And the insightfulness of a partner.

The madness. (MAD)

And the meaningfulness.(ARTH- Sanskrit)

What do we do?

Madarth is an integrated agency providing all kinds of services related to Branding, Design, and Digital.


Brand Strategy:

We develop a long-term roadmap for your brand’s growth and development. Covering all aspects of your business, your brand strategy will ensure you are telling consistent stories that connect with your customers.

Naming & Messaging:

We help brands find their voice and develop messaging that serves your business objectives whilst communicating effectively with your target market.

Logo & Identity Systems:

We develop logos and identities that differentiate your brand from the competition. By utilizing the power of design, we can help ensure your brand stays in the mind of your customer.

Brand Guidelines:

It is crucial that all your work consistently represents your brand accurately. We establish clear brand guidelines to ensure all future work helps grow your brand in the mind of your customers.

Environmental Design:

We make the spaces you occupy convey your brand story whilst also delighting your customers. This means no opportunity to build your brand is lost.


Marketing & Brand Collaterals:

We develop marketing campaigns that deliver on your business objectives. Whether that’s increasing website traffic or generating new leads, or selling a product, we’ll get it done.

Creative Direction:

Creativity without direction is just art. We can help ensure all of your work is strategically aligned and creatively sharp to deliver what you need it to.

UI / UX Design:

Our UI/UX wizards place your customers at the center of your brand’s digital experiences with smart and intuitive designs.

Content Design & Development :

With the power of creativity, we develop content that grows a brand’s following and connects with its audience. Now more than ever before, it’s crucial your brand has a voice of its own.


Web / Mobile Design:

We create digital experiences that utilize the power of technology to delight your customers and deliver results. Whatever the size of the screen, we’ll bring it to life.

Branded E-Commerce:

If you’ve got a product to sell, we can connect you with new customers all over the globe. We create branded e-commerce solutions that will keep the orders coming in.

Social & Search:

If your customers can’t find you, they can’t spend money with you. We use innovative social and search campaigns to ensure brands stand out from the competition online and get discovered.

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Why do we do it?

We are passionate about growing our Client’s brand and building their business.

How do we evolve?

Our team is always encouraged to keep their childlike curiosity alive and constantly learn, which makes us agile and adapt with new trends and technology.

Social responsibility in social media

As an agency, we are committed to our clients and act as guardians of their brand. But at the same time, we are committed to speaking only the truth, Stylishly.

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Need of the hour

While technology has made it easier to create and share, the flip side is that the creative can be copied as easily in the name of inspiration. The need of the hour are laws to effectively protect copyrights.

We learned the hard way

We have been in the advertising arena since before the advent of Social Media. When FaceBook was getting popular, we were tempted, like many others to dismiss it as another techno fad. But we kept our eyes on it and clued in on the social media wave. We have learned to be the first movers to embrace change and stride forward with it.

Did we just share that?

At the start of the Covid Pandemic in 2020, the Prime Minister would regularly address the nation at 8 pm. With each address, the lockdown would be extended. We created a topical post for Amul. We placed two cookies, one below the other, and captioned it “Crunchy times ahead.” Needless to say the ad went viral and brought us many many compliments.

They work with us

Our Clients are CSK, AMUL, AHA Ott, Sundari Silks, Phone Pe, Flipkart, Cams, TNPL, South Indian Bank.

Industry as we foresee

With the availability of so many ways to communicate, we foresee that what we communicate, as ideas, will become key to being successful. Social Media will grow and evolve into a more focused and vernacular medium.

A day without Internet

A day without the internet will be weird but give us time away from our screens to reflect and create.

Lastly, are you hiring?

YES. We are always on the lookout for creative and smart people who are as passionate about advertising as we are.

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