AgencyCon 2022: What to expect from thought-leading panel discussions  

Social Samosa
Jul 26, 2022 12:59 IST
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AgencyCon Panel Sessions

Social Samosa AgencyCon Festival & Indian Agency Awards Show in Association with Quora, returns for its third season and here’s a rundown of what you can expect at the thought-provoking panel discussions featuring industry leaders.  

The knowledge-sharing event & industry awards go live on the 27th of July and will celebrate the unsung heroes of the advertising and marketing world.  

The event hosted by Social Samosa will witness an array of speakers and panellists, sharing their thoughts on various topics.  

Here’s what you can expect at the thought-leading sessions scheduled for the evening:  

The Agency of the Future 

With brands building their in-house units and the rapid changes seen in the macro environment for advertising & marketing there’s a huge question mark over the workings of agencies. Discussing the ins and outs of these aspects, and what the Agency of the future will look like, the panel will consist of:

The Great Resignation 

Pandemic has changed the way people perceive jobs and work. Here’s the panellist line-up that will cover topics like Work-Life Balance for Agency Professionals, how to make Agency Life Great Again, Key ingredients of an agency culture that fosters creativity and passion, and more: 

India’s Homegrown Networks 

Answering questions like how the Indian A&M ecosystem changed for independent agencies, why are homegrown agencies moving towards creating networks, and how to push it to a global level; the panelist include:  

Agency in the Metaverse and Web 3 World 

Web3 and Metaverse today are what social media was in 2012. Speaking on how Agencies and Businesses can adapt better to this new reality of the industry, here’s a list of panellists you can look out for at AgencyCon: 

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India At Cannes 

This year, India bagged a number of metals at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Here are the panellists who will share their thoughts on one of the best years India has seen at the Cannes Lions. 

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