Brands claim their space with “Bahut jagah hai – Nahi jagah hai” creatives

Bahut jagah hai

Brands seized on the heated debate between the older men, creating a laughing riot online with the release of the viral Bahut jagah hai creatives.

In recent events, the Bahut jagah hai clip, where elderly men can be seen arguing over who’s hogging more space as they sit beside each other on the bus, has been going viral. Resulting in user memes and brand creatives.

Sitting in a public transportation vehicle on a hot summer day is never comfortable, frequently resulting in disputes between passengers over space. A similar incident occurred on a bus, and a video of two guys shouting went viral. Everyone from the Mumbai Police to Swiggy has joined in on the fun.

Mumbai Police, known for their sense of comedy and fondness for adopting modern memes, joined the argument. The police department used the now-viral footage as a public service announcement, warning people that “there is no room for a third person” on a two-wheeler.

Google India has posted a hilarious video with two tabs that use the audio track of a popular video of two elderly folks battling for a bus seat. In this video, there are two tabs with the words ‘There is a lot of room, there is no space.’ ‘Which team are you on?’ read the description of this Instagram video.

The app for food delivery services, Swiggy used the audio of the men’s fight in a Reel video to discuss how it’s always a battle for space while attempting to fit all the bowls of side dishes when enjoying a multi-course dinner.

Let’s take a look at how brands twisted the clip into something hilarious:

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Google India

Swiggy India

Tata Play

Balaji Enterprises



Mumbai Police

Oyo Rooms


Bajaj Finserv

Eros Now

Many users on Twitter and Instagram mocked the video by reposting it in their own unique way. Let us take a peek at one of them:

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