Storia Food’s latched on to the Kesariya trend with #LoveStoria

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Storia Foods latched onto the ‘Kesariya’ trend with #LoveStoria; the hashtag trended on Twitter and reportedly garnered 4 mn impressions. Shalin Desai, CMO – Storia Foods goes behind the scenes.

This week Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor starrer Brahmāstra dropped its much-awaited song ‘Kesariya’ and the internet couldn’t quite digest the nip-in-the-bud lyrics and the untimely ‘Love Storiya’ in the song. They were quick to turn their aversion of the particular lyrics into a trending theme across social media platforms.  

Storia Foods latched onto this trending theme and the audience's reaction, and with wordplay that places their brand in the lyrics through a quirky tweet.


According to the brand, the tweet caught the audience’s attention and garnered 2700+ tweets from all over the country.

Speaking to Social Samosa about the idea behind this trending post, Shalin Desai, CMO - Storia Foods and Beverages said, “When we saw these tweets raging on the platform, we knew there was something here to explore for us, especially when Storia in Italian means Stories.”  

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With moment marketing seeing a rise in the recent times and it being a very quick process, Shalin pointed out that as soon as the brand’s digital agency spotted the trend, they decided to turn in around. And luckily for them, one of the tweets mentioned this exact word-play coincidence which aligned with the brand’s idea.  

For brands, moment marketing can be a tricky lace to untie. Often brands try to hop on every trend. When deciding which trend to follow and which to set aside, Shalin says that with Kesariya it was almost as if it was made for them and the brand decided to own the trend rather than following it. He further stated “We try to participate in trends that are relevant to us. Force-fitting ourselves in every trend is not something we believe in.” 

Shalin also pointed out that along with trending on number 1 spot, there were almost 3000 tweets that garnered over 4 MN impressions within a span of 2-3 hours.  

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