Case Study: How the Lemme Be menstruation campaign received 2mn+ views

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Lemme Be aimed at breaking away from the rosy image of menstruation created in advertising over the years, to stand out. The campaign video was supported by an influencer outreach phase, creating a total campaign reach of 2mn+.

This Case Study takes a look at the Lemme Be campaign 'My Story. Period' that put forward the reality of periods and its struggles and garnered a reach of 3.8+ Mn.

Category Introduction

In a country where menstruation is discussed in hushed voices using code words and pads are sold in newspaper wrappings. Period narratives in pop culture and media have been telling menstruators what and how they should be rather than recognising how they are. Lemme Be has initiated a period revolution across the globe, recognising and supporting menstruators, irrespective of gender and age, creating comfortable and sustainable products for them all. 

Brand Introduction

Lemme Be is Young India’s period care brand that strives to create a social and environmental impact at every step of the journey. Amidst the pandemic in 2020, the brand commenced its operations with a strong and committed vision to provide an equal platform to all menstruators; be it an adolescent female, a transman, or any respective gender one identifies with, they caters to them all. With a prime focus on fulfilling the evolving needs of menstruators, they offer comfortable and sustainable period care products. 


No menstruator is ever comfortable dancing or gleefully jumping over potholes while they’re on their period, and they definitely don’t bleed blue. The ad film is a transparent effort by the brand to break the distorted idea of periods instilled since ages by other brands in the sector. They want to be a companion to every menstruator since the start of their menstruating journey. The brand wishes to kickstart honest and candid conversations about mood swings, PMSing, owning your sexuality, and accepting one's body in its most natural way.  In an attempt to initiate a period revolution, the brand has chosen to be real, bold, and unapologetic in its communication with the customers. 


Period narratives have never been written from a menstruator’s perspective. Through this campaign, the brand highlighted every menstruator’s story. No more white pants and mid-air splits. The campaign showed periods just as they are - tough but normal. It urges all menstruators to own their red and their real stories. 

The objective was to make an iconic ad film and start a period revolution to create a safe co-existing space for all menstruators who are afraid to have uncomfortable period conversations.

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The brief was to keep it honest, bold, inclusive, and direct. The brand had to narrate the truest story of every menstruator.

Creative Idea

Lemme Be’s ad film narrated the honest confessions of a menstruator in a spoken word poetry/anthem format. Along with the DVC, the brand amplified the period positivity message via an influencer campaign on Instagram. Women’s Day was celebrated by the brand with these influencers narrating their period experiences that are hitched onto their hearts forever. Happy, sad, embarrassed, awkward, shy, all kinds of period stories were unapologetically shown driving a social change on social media. 


  • The brand launched a DVC to break the stereotype that has been created by other brands.
  • The Photoshoot was pre-planned in a way that the social strategy would revolve around it. The ad film got around 300+ organic shares on the day of the launch from industry leaders and Menstruators who supported the revolution. 
  • The Influencer campaign was released on Women’s Day when menstruators shared their honest stories.
  • Emailer campaign - with retargeting at multiple touchpoints.
  • A separate Website landing page was also created for brand recall
  • All of this was backed by strong Media on digital platforms to reach the right target audience



  • The campaign garnered over 2 Million+ views across India.
  • Impressions: 3.8M+
  • Reach: 2M+
  • Influencer Engagement: 14.6%
  • Average Engagement: 2.26%

Devidutta Dash, Founder at Lemme Be said, “All of us at Lemme Be are menstruators in the same flow as our customers and hence, we want people to understand their bodies and the best suitable products for their bodies. We are an inclusive brand catering to all genders and age groups, especially young menstruators who’ve just started discovering their bodies. We’re an Indian brand with a global mindset and when it comes to menstrual health, we want people to feel heard and taken seriously. This ad film is an attempt to reach a wider audience and create a safe co-existing space for all menstruators who are afraid to have uncomfortable period conversations.”

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