Havas Media Group, MiQ and Samsung Ads unveil India’s first brand lift study on Connected TV

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Jul 13, 2022 07:00 IST
Havas Media Group MiQ Samsung Ads

Havas Media Group and MiQ partnered with Samsung Ads to run a CTV ad campaign for a global consumer homeware brand and conduct a brand lift study to measure CTV’s efficacy

Havas Media Group India, Havas Group India's media investment and experience arm, has unveiled India's first brand lift study on CTV in collaboration with MiQ, a programmatic media solutions provider and global leader in Connected TV (CTV) advertising, and Samsung Ads, a leading provider of advanced TV advertising.

With over 20 million CTV households and a wide range of video content, India is one of the world's fastest-growing advertising markets. With changing media habits, CTV equips advertisers to personalize and target their campaigns at the household level, which traditional TV does not allow.

The objective of this brand lift study was to demonstrate and prove the effectiveness and efficacy of CTV as an advertising medium and to enable marketers to measure the impact of their CTV campaigns on key brand KPIs such as purchase intent, brand awareness, and favorability.

The brand lift study, conducted by Kantar, included a significant number of respondents from across India, revealed that the Samsung Ads CTV campaign had a significant impact on brand lift parameters and performed well across the entire funnel. The study also revealed the following campaign findings:

● 19% lift achieved in online ad awareness

● 11% lift in brand favorability

● 10% lift in purchase intent

● Strengthened brand attributes among the target audience

● Significant impact on association with the brand message

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Rana Barua, Group CEO, Havas Group India, said "As a network, we are constantly striving to be first movers in the industry in terms of innovation and thought leadership. Meaningful media has the potential to positively impact brand metrics, and we see CTV as an essential link between the digital and traditional ecosystems. The audience is changing the way they consume media, and CTV is dominating in terms of both screen impact and exponential audience growth. We want to draw attention to CTV and its ability to deliver with this first-in-the-country initiative. CTV is a future-forward dominating media space & by incorporating engagement on the same, we will further drive meaningful impact for the brand, business & people.”

Mohit Joshi, CEO - Havas Media Group India said, "We're ecstatic to see these game-changing insights emerge from the brand lift survey. We're all aware that advertisers want media formats to work harder; with Connected TV, we're shifting away from competing for eyeballs and toward creating meaningful exposures to target our captivated audience. I'm confident that it will allow us to attract more advertisers to the CTV ecosystem and allow marketers to consider more full-funnel solutions to maximise reach to the addressable segment. With the rise of connected devices and the resulting increase in time spent, marketers should consider CTV in any way that it complements digital and TV strategies."

Commenting on the survey results, Siddharth Dabhade – Managing Director, India, SAARC and China, MiQ says, “We’re excited about the promising results of the brand lift survey, as it highlights the huge growth potential of CTV advertising in India, which is projected to have 80 million CTV households by 2025*. MiQ can help Indian brands catapult into this space and leverage our global expertise in TV intelligence and data-driven programmatic. We are confident of bringing many more brands to the CTV advertising space through our collaboration with Samsung Ads and media agencies.”

Talking about the potential of advertising on Samsung TV, Prabhvir Sahmey – Senior Director, India & South East Asia, Samsung Ads said, “Marketers understand the value of CTV, and this study is a significant step to successfully prove the impact CTV can have on driving business outcomes in India. We’re excited to be working with MiQ to help Marketers quantify results and validate the value CTV can have on the entire marketing funnel.”

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