Meta Quest launches progress tracking for VR workouts, & parental supervision tools

Meta Quest

The new Meta Quest software update v42 has enhanced VR workouts with progress tracking, and also added new parental controls to enable supervised VR experiences.

Oculus Move on Meta Quest is getting nifty new Move Achievements for VR workouts, along with the new Parental Supervision tools, that build on last month’s v41 rollout. The software updates would be rolled out gradually to all users and may be selectively available for users, and the headset may not update currently.

Move Achievements

Last month Meta improved Oculus Move by enabling users to track their workouts from the phone, and also enabled iOS users to sync their stats with Apple Health if desired. The new round of Oculus Move improvements for v42, introduces Move Achievements. In the Oculus Move app in VR users will find a dedicated tab to track all the milestones, be it 5,000 calories burned or 100 daily goals completed.

Also in v42, Meta is introducing Move Trends so users can better visualize the Move data and track fitness progress week to week. And users can also dig deeper into fitness stats via Trends and look at the peak and average intensity (calories burned per minute). Find Move in the Library to get started, or head over here for additional details on getting set up.

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Parental Supervision

Last month Meta rolled out new Parental Supervision Tools, giving both parents/guardians and teens more control over their VR experiences. As part of v42, the company will be rolling out new tools that allow parents to enable and disable social features for teens they are supervising.

Social features include the ability to create and join parties, visit or watch VR content together in Meta Horizon Home, send or receive chat messages via Oculus Chat and Messenger in VR, or use the share option to post to Facebook. Meta is also adding notifications for when a teen ages into a new content rating band.

VR is still a new and evolving space, and Meta states it will continue to expand the Parental Supervision offerings overtime on the platform.