Twitter launches Custom Timelines for topics & interests

Twitter custom timelines

Custom Timelines have been designed to enable users to scroll through all posts and Tweets related to a topic of their interest through a single scroll at this hub on Twitter.

These curated feeds or Custom Timelines can be created by third-parties who select and provide content around interests and events, or by Twitter based on general insights. The Popular Videos Timeline created by Twitter, uses similar information to how topics are selected to populate and order video content.  

These custom feeds run parallel to the Home timeline and appear on a separate tab after users add a custom Timeline from a prompt. Users can switch between tabs for more control of their Twitter experience as they deep-dive into the content that interests them most.

Content that appears in a custom Timeline is selected and ordered based on relevance to the Timeline’s theme using information like search terms, Topics, handles, and manual curation. This new update is currently only available on desktop, and not mobile.

For instance, this Custom Timeline lists down all Tweets related to ‘The Bachelorette’, a popular TV series, allowing users to view real-time information about the show and relevant happenings, at one place.

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How to add a custom Timeline on Twitter Web:

  • After you see a prompt about a custom Timeline on the Home screen, you can easily add it by following the steps below. For example, if you see a prompt for a Popular Videos Timeline, clicking Add Timeline will create a Popular Videos tab next to your Home timeline tab. 
  • Click Check it out. 
  • A prompt appears with information about the Timeline and the third party that curated the content. Click Add Timeline.

This timeline will now be pinned next to the Home timeline. 

 Use the tabs to switch between the Home timeline and the custom Timeline, and navigate through it.

How to remove a custom Timeline from Twitter Web:

If you want to remove a custom Timeline, please follow the steps below: 

  • Navigate to the Timeline you want to remove.
  • Look for the settings option below the Composer.
  • Click Timelines settings.
  • A prompt appears asking if you want to remove the Timeline. Click Remove Timeline
  • A confirmation prompt appears asking if you really want to remove the Timeline. Click Yes, remove Timeline.