Twitter enables new feature that lets users ‘Unmention’ themselves from tweets 

Twitter unmention

From now on, Twitter users can untag or unmention themselves from a tweet chain or conversation they no longer feel comfortable being a part of 

Twitter recently announced that users of the platform will now be able to unmention themselves and their username from a tweet chain or conversation. This new feature will enable the user to deactivate their profile mentions or links in the conversation if they don’t feel like being a part of it.  

As shared by the opinion-sharing app, unmentioning oneself from a conversation will include:  

  • The username will be untagged from the conversation (original tweet & future replies)  
  • Other users won’t be able to re-mention the untagged user in the same reply chain 
  • The untagged user will no longer be notified about the updates in the conversation 

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The user who has chosen to untag themselves, their username will still be available in text form in the initial tweets they were a part of but will no longer be an active part of the conversation.  

This new update by Twitter ensures the safety and a better user experience for the active participants of the app.  


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