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Whitedot Adverts

Who are we? 

In a land, not so far away, there was one man determined to make a difference in the bustling world of advertising. Our calm and focused leader, Harshal Wadkar, began his journey in 2021 with just 5 people working day and night. Today, Whitedot Adverts as he calls it has completed a little more than a year and has grown to around 80+ employees working on 35+ clients across the country and globe. 

Establishing the company as a Global Integrated Marketing Solution Agency or adorably abbreviated to SIGMA - is one of the fastest growing agencies. Our agency goes by the belief that content is the king and design is the queen, but the strategy is the bond that binds them together. 

What’s in the name? 

The story of our name is quite simple. Whitedot Adverts is a blank canvas for every brand to start fresh with sparking creativity. We, at Whitedot Adverts, believe that we are the unseen benefactor between the client and their target audience. A simple white dot, unseen by many rising to the challenge of making our brands creative. You could say that Whitedot is like that act of god which makes the client’s will come to life, with spark, creativity and strategies that transform brand presence. 

You won’t ever see us. But we have always got your back! 

What do we do? 

A Global Integrated Marketing Solution Agency working to make your brand a sparkling star in the market. Our magic is adjusting everyday ground reality into creativity that gets your brand to the top spot. Our wonderful roster of services provide a holistic experience for any client: 

  • Integrated Digital Marketing 
  • Web Development 
  • Design 
  • Films 
  • Strategy 
  • Space Branding and Signage

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Why do we do what we do? 

Let’s put it this way. We are a brand working for a brand with the responsibility of every brand’s visibility in our hands. 

We are the creators who make or break a brand. Simply put, the success of our client is our success! So why do we do this?  To please the client or our bosses?  Hell no! It’s because advertising is madness. The madness that gives us the power to sell the best possible pitch, best possible campaign and the best possible idea. 

Creativity has power, the power to capture the audience and sell. At the end of the day, when we are waiting at the traffic signal and see our work on a hoarding. That’s happiness. That’s why we do this. 

How do we evolve? 

In order to match the changing industry and client briefs, We are proactive in exceeding the creative and strategic needs of every indecipherable brief. Adjusting to reality, we evolve by building strategies and ideas that tackle the wit-hungry audience. That’s how Whitedot has grown with ground-breaking strategies, lame puns and off-the-chart designs! 

Social responsibility in social media 

Common sense is not so common anymore, especially taking into account the sensitivity of the audience and the rising cancel culture. It is up to the agency to not just please the target audience but also, audiences from different spectrums. Your every awe and love for a brand comes from our right bold steps. 

Need of the hour 

  • Less Functionality. 
  • More Creatiwitty! 
  • Nuff said. Think of the big picture. NOW. 

We learned this the hard way 

Every creator has an ego as big as a… client’s changes call! 

PS: We mean it with love.

Did we just share that 

Our most sensible client gave us the requirement to get a logo designed… within A DAY! 

Another client said they’d send the pictures, we’d just have to write the copy which, as I quote them is “2 minutes of work”. Didn’t know our content team can make Maggi too? 

They work with us 

The ones we work for are Chitale, ICICI Home Finance, Mamaearth, Tata, Jumboking, Ujjivan SFB, Oxycool, Syngenta, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda, and Vivaldis. 

The industry as we foresee 

As the industry achieves more growth, digital mediums have become more pragmatic. A sense of temporary satisfaction matters more but that need not be the target. 

A bond, not James Bond, with your audience and creating a healthy two-way communication can speak more for your brand than you can imagine. Keeping in mind the traditional routes of advertising, fresh strategies that fit not just today’s industry trends but for future generations as well. 

A day without internet 

Is as good as a client without payment. 

Lastly, are you hiring? 

Yes, we are hiring! 

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