Brand creatives from designers that did not take a sick day for the long weekend

Sick Day creatives

Friday is usually greeted with open arms and doe-eyed love, but the only Friday that professionals were not happy about is today. Expressing the dismay here are brand creatives from designers who definitely did not call in sick today.

Today’s topical spot is as ironical as the headline is, and we may not be able to relate to the pain of designers making creatives about people calling in sick to enjoy the long weekend, but we can definitely share the dedication towards their job by highlighting few of the eccentric ones.

For the unacquainted, today is sandwiched between a bank holiday and a long weekend, making this Friday the only obstacle between a super long weekend.

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Most brand creatives are simply being a part of the conversation stirring up on social media through tweets and memes, and the inclination of professionals to call it a long weekend and not let Friday hinder their l’ooo’ng weekend plans.


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