Case Study: How Durex made end users a part of their pride month campaign

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Durex Pride Month Campaign

Durex celebrated pride month with its #LoveLoudAndProud campaign which garnered 32.6 million impressions. The campaign was focused on bringing out the common man's view on sexuality.

This Case Study explores how Durex showcased the real stories of the LGBTQIA+ community for their pride month campaign, reaching 20 mn+ users.

Category Introduction

Market researcher Valuates Reports suggest that the global sexual wellness market was valued at 74 billion dollars in 2019. This figure is estimated to go around 108 billion dollars by 2027. The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) would turn out to be 4.62 percent from 2021 to 2027. India's sexual wellness market is largely dominated by condoms, which are projected to reach a market size of $180 million by 2022, according to market research firm Research and Markets.

Durex became the second-largest condom brand in India in FY21 after reporting market share gains and significantly expanding distribution.

Brand Introduction

Durex is focused on normalizing conversations around sex and driving usage of condoms by bringing innovation and people closer, both emotionally and physically. Durex as a brand has constantly maintained a distinct positioning around ‘shared pleasure’, drawing from its legacy of technology-led innovations, enabling couples to have a healthy sexual life and helping people feel good about themselves and their partners. In India, Durex has also been focused on raising awareness of sexual health and wellbeing with its purpose program- ‘The Birds and Bees Talk’.

Talking about sex continues to be a taboo in our culture. Durex aims to find creative ways to normalize conversations around sex while retaining the brand’s essence. Consumers are looking for more from condom brands than just protection. The brand has addressed the need of the users by giving them products that neither hinder sexual pleasure nor compromise on contraception effectiveness. 

Durex as a brand, strategically filters moments based on audience affinity and conversation volumes. While there are numerous trends, Durex has a robust social listening engine that keeps pruning the noise to filter out the most relevant moments to its consumers.

Summary - Durex Pride Month Campaign

Durex celebrated pride month with its #LoveLoudAndProud campaign bringing proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community to share heart-warming stories about love and owning one’s sexual identity. The Pride month campaign saw more than 20 million people come together to join Durex, as the brand became a platform for powerful voices to share their stories and celebrate their love. Durex as a brand has consistently stood for inclusivity and freedom for everyone to express themselves.

With #LoveLoudAndProud the goal is to cherish love beyond gender identities and share it with the world loudly and proudly. This was captured through content creators from the community to share their own experiences and point of view on sexual protection.

Problem Statement/Objective

Durex as a brand has consistently stood for inclusivity and freedom for everyone to express themselves. With #LoveLoudAndProud the goal is to cherish love beyond gender identities and share it with the world loudly and proudly. Durex wanted to give a platform to the powerful voices of the LGBTQIA+ community to share their stories and celebrate their love.


The idea was to feature people from across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum sharing what they love about their sexual orientation loudly and proudly.

Creative Idea

#LoveLoudAndProud campaign intended to bring forth real experiences of couples celebrating all shades of pride, with every love story being unique. The idea was to give them a platform to express themselves and share their stories of love loudly and proudly through different interactive sessions. Further, integrated the brand to highlight the importance of safe sex among those in the LGBTQIA+ community.


Showcasing these powerful stories by ensuring proper representation, factual information and portrayal of these diverse narratives in a way to create a more inclusive discourse.

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  • Conducted AMA on Instagram & Facebook where Durex asked real-life followers to freely express their POV on their sexuality
  • Interesting conversations and experiences from AMA sessions were converted into digital illustrations by Param Sahib resulted in thought-provoking creations
  • Durex onboarded influencers from the community such as Sushant Divgikr (@sushantdivgikr on IG) and Trinetra Haldar Gummaraj (@trintrin on IG) to join the campaign
  • Partnered with platform Humans Of Bombay to bring out stories of couples, like a video about a lesbian couple who ended up getting married and video format interview of a gay couple busting myths around their sex life.


  • #LoveLoudAndProud has successfully reached more than 20 million people online and secured over 32.6 million impressions
  • Generated an engagement of 21.7 million across social media platforms with over 20 million views on videos on owned channels. 
  • Positive conversations were around people talking about the creativity of the brand 
  • The campaign was appreciated by the audience via comments on social media platforms, thanking Durex India for taking this initiative 

Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Health & Nutrition, Reckitt, said “Durex has been the voice re-defining culture and normalizing conversations around love and inclusivity for the youth in India. The brand’s unique persona, built over time, helps generate instant connection with our audience that loves the authentic and open conversations we have come to be known for. We are humbled by the overwhelming number of heartfelt responses, the campaign has been able to generate, reminding us to work towards changing the societal mindset towards sexual and reproductive health with small yet progressive steps.”

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