Case Study: How JugJugg Jeeyo marketing created & sustained buzz for the theatre release

JugJugg Jeeyo

JugJugg Jeeyo marketing promotions was heavily centered on reels and leveraged the movie’s soundtrack; resulting in the trailer reaching 43 MN views in 24 hours. Here’s how

The case study takes a look at how the movie makers and the agency marketed JugJugg Jeeyo to bring back the audience to theatres, leverage the two-year hiatus of on-ground promotions, and build a content-based Reels strategy.

Brand Introduction

A Family Reunion Full of Surprises – JugJugg Jeeyo was touted as a family entertainer, with the issue of ‘divorce’ being discussed. Directed by Raj Mehta, the film brings light to a tabooed and serious subject to Indian cinema – with light-hearted humour, subtlety, and vibrancy. The film stars Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor, and Neetu Kapoor in lead roles. 




  • To garner maximum engagement and give the audience an insight into what went behind creating Dharma’s first-ever theatrical film in over 2 years
  • Leveraging the popularity of the stars and Dharma Productions amongst its fan base and blending it with the capabilities of social media to create an unprecedented buzz around the release 
  • To create and sustain the hype around the film and bring back families to the big screen after the pandemic 
  • Showcase Dharma Productions’ modernized approach to entertaining as well as enlightening the audiences

JugJugg Jeeyo Marketing – Execution & Creative Idea

Phase 1: Unifying India in kickstarting the promotions of the film

The campaign was launched 45 days prior to the film’s release on 10th May, with the announcement of a pan-India poster launch activity wherein the fan-mily across the nation send in videos of them saying the blessing ‘JugJugg Jeeyo’ in their native language. 

This activity ran across all social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and received entries from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and many more countries. One lucky winner from each state and union territory got a chance to be a part of the first poster launch of the film. The winners were announced two days later from across the nation.

Activity Sustenance

Phase 2: Poster Launch 

Once the winners were announced, caution was taken to avoid any leaks and one motion poster was emailed to each of the winners 1 hour before the poster launch. The fans launched the motion poster first, followed by the star cast 10 minutes later.

Poster hype sustenance creatives were put out to maintain the buzz – audience reactions to the posters, playing around with engagement

Phase 3: Pre-trailer Launch

In the third phase, The #JJJParivaar aka the cast of JugJugg Jeeyo announced the date of the trailer by portraying their excitement through dance and through a video concept that subtly represented the layers in their story, the chaos and the fun in their story. 

One day before the trailer launch, Dharma Productions dropped another family poster to raise the excitement quotient for the trailer.

Followed by this, an entire schedule was put out for fans to know all about the trailer launch event and activities (offline).

Phase 4: It’s Go Time – Trailer Launch

The trailer was launched digitally, as well as offline – at the Trailer Launch Event with Fans and Press (Juhu PVR) on 22nd May at 3 PM. 

The trailer received a whopping number of 43 Million views in 24 hours across all digital platforms.

Dharma Productions and the digital agency kept the nation buzzing throughout the day by putting out live documentation of all the trailer launch activities that went on throughout the day – on Dharma Productions’ stories.

Phase 5: Post-trailer Sustenance 

Character Introduction:

Once the trailer was launched and the audiences got a glimpse of each character; the team began building up the characters one-by-one through a series of carousels for each of our main cast.

The agency also created bytes where each actor introduced their character in a few words. This was a carousel as well.

Behind The Scenes 

To give the audience a peek into all the madness and fun that went into making the film, Dharma Productions along with the star cast shared behind the scene glimpses. 

The team at TSBI also made a video where the cast themselves highlighted the qualities of each character using one adjective – another addition that aided immensely in character build-up.

Phase 6: Song releases

Leveraging the grandeur and emotions of the songs and contests that follow, JugJugg Jeeyo’s marketing strategy aimed at ‘reel-ing’ in engagement. With a varied mix of versatile singers and composers like Tanishk Bagchi, Kanishk and Kavita Seth, Guru Randhawa, Asees Kaur, Diesby, Chapter6, Leesa Mishra and more – a total of four songs were released during the campaign. 

The Punjaabban Song 

The first and the most important song showcased ‘The Big Fat Punjaabbi Wedding’ with its catchy tune, grand sets, designer outfits, and electrifying energy  – all to celebrate FAMILY.

The team went all out in creating the hype around the song and teased the audience by uploading the 2 teasers for the song, one day prior. 

Followed by an exclusive song launch event, Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani flew to Delhi and Chandigarh to launch the song with fans there. The hype was sustained throughout the day and the next by putting out videos of the premiere event to keep audiences engaged and up their excitement quotient all the more.

On the day of launch (28th May): The song was launched successfully. Post which Varun Dhawan and his father David Dhawan did the hook step of the song – calling it the #famstep and challenging his fellow actors and friends to join him in doing the hook step. 

Rangi Sari 

Rangi Sari was incorporated into JugJugg Jeeyo but with a new vibe. The promotion of the song began by teasing the audience with a sizzling image of Varun and Kiara from the song – since fans loved the colourful chemistry they shared.

Two days later the agency fed the audiences’ excitement with a stunning motion poster of Varun & Kiara that announced the date of the release of the song.

To sustain and grow the excitement, 3 more teasers were created and uploaded on the social media pages of Dharma Productions across three consecutive days, starting from 3rd June.

On the day of launch (6th June):

Phase 7: Pre-release promotion 

To make the excitement palpable, the agency initiated the countdown for the film in full swing using interactive designs & quirky concepts.

Bytes for informal chit-chat videos of each actor were created.

On-ground promotions:

The star cast of JugJugg Jeeyo flew across the nation to spread the love and increase the buzz as the release day drew closer. After 2 years of being in the pandemic, the actors finally got to meet their fans and celebrate the feeling of ‘togetherness’ as that’s the primary feeling that knits the story of the film. The cast visited Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi to promote JugJugg Jeeyo, the songs and interact with the audience.

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Phase 8: Post Release Promotion 

Once the movie hit the big screens nationally and globally, the movie was aggressively promoted by clubbing all the reviews (critics, media, news portals, YouTube content creators, audience) to portray the enjoyment associated with watching the film with family and friends and push the audience to experience the same. 


The trailer received 43 million views in 24 hours across all digital platforms. The Punjaabban Song garnered 22 million views in 24 hours across all digital platforms. Currently, the song has over 54 million views on YouTube and over 250K reels on Instagram. Rangi Sari received a reel count of 112K on Instagram.

Talking about the overall marketing for JugJugg Jeeyo, Sushmita Sinha, Senior Manager: Client Servicing, TheSmallBigIdea said, Our team proactively geared up for the almost 1.5 month long campaign that lay ahead. To get the excitement pumping, the team kept a close check on how our audience reciprocated to various posts, banked on it & kept fueling that excitement with interactive designs and concepts throughout all the phases of the campaign.”