Cottonking promotes its Anti-Stain Collection in true Bollywood style

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Menswear brand, Cottonking recently rolled out its 'Bedaag Badshah' DVC, as a part of its latest campaign to promote their Anti-Stain range of shirts and trousers.

Cottonking Anti-Stain in and as ‘Bedaag Badhshah’ was introduced in true Bollywood style in an intriguing 80s style movie trailer film setting the right tone for a drama waiting to unfold.

The trailer helped set the premise for the battle of Stains vs Cottonking Anti-Stain. What followed was a series of adaptations of iconic Bollywood dialogues, each one with a humorous twist, intended to create a sense of nostalgia.


The ideation of the campaign was done by digital brand management agency Fifth Estate. The team came up with the name ‘Bedaag Badshah’, the valiant hero who fights ‘Daag’ and emerges victorious every single time.

Jaydeep Rajhans, Co-Founder Fifth Estate said “With Bedaag Badshah, we wanted to appeal to a viewer’s emotions by telling a story, a relatable one. That of a good guy and a bad guy like in a typical Bollywood movie of the 80s and 90s.” He further added, “There were enough ads showing how you spill something on an anti-stain shirt and the stain disappears, the novelty was wearing out. Our idea behind this campaign was to show an Anti-Stain shirt the way it’s never been seen before.”

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The Fifth Estate team tapped into some of Bollywood’s best-loved characters and iconic dialogues which have become commonplace in everyday lingo and often used to deliver that punch in our conversations. Dialogues like “Rishtey mein to hum tumahre baap lagte hai” or “Pushpa I hate tears” are used across generations making them relatable and effective in conveying a broader message in a few words.

Cottonking has used the appeal and the nostalgia of some of these dialogues from various genres in its latest campaign for its Anti-Stain collection.

Koushik Marathe, Director CottonKing, said, “I felt the concept seemed to tick all the right boxes, we were excited about the idea of showcasing our ‘Anti-Stain’ collection in a ‘hatke andaaz’. It had a novelty factor, and the end product has turned out to be equally interesting. The film leaves you with a smile on your face”.

“As a menswear brand renowned for its innovation in 100% cotton fabrics, we strive to deliver functionality combined with quality and style and our aim is to be innovative in our approach on how we present our product communication as well,” said, Deepak Minocha , Head -Marketing at Cottonking.

Moving away from the usual run-of-the-mill ads for anti-stain fabrics, Cottonking has showcased their Anti-Stain collection in a new and interesting ‘andaaz’.

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