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While users are signing petitions to urge Instagram to roll back the UI and algorithms to what it originally was, Instagram is several features that rely on video and make it more like its rival app TikTok.

Users want Instagram to simply go back to being a photographic interaction app, but Instagram is on its way to becoming a video-heavy app that focuses on Reels, and more so with a full-screen immersive feed and features being tested.

Immersive Feed

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, has uncovered a few of the features being internally tested. The most prominent one being a full-screen immersive feed, that would only display a single post at one time, and sponsored ads would also be shown in the full-screen immersive format.

This update resembles the full-screen feed format that was first pioneered by TikTok. This update has not been tested with a group of general users, and it would be intriguing to see how the users receive it, as this change in UI would completely change the user experience and there are high chances of it not being well-received, as several users are already frustrated with the slate of changes.

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This also means that there would be more focus on ads displayed on the feed. While this change works in favor of the brands, as they would have the full attention of the viewers until they scroll through, this would also mean that a higher number of ads in the ratio of feed posts, might frustrate the users. On average, users see at least one sponsored post after every 3-5 feed posts.

Candid Challenges

Banking on the popularity of challenges across social networks, Instagram is testing a new feature that enables users to post to post another user's 'Candid' on their Story and they would be notified every day to capture and share a photo in two minutes.

The feature has been touted to be inspired by TikTok Challenges and also a similar feature from BeReal, a social network that has recently been getting popular with the younger age groups.

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