LinkedIn Collective launched to provide content resources

LinkedIn Collective is a community designed for and by B2B marketers that offers thought leadership and content resources informed by LinkedIn data and insights, a team of experts, and leaders across the B2B marketing industry.

With the Collective, LinkedIn wants to showcase what it looks like to build a content brand on LinkedIn. The new content brand is platform-first and will be distributed on LinkedIn.

B2B marketers will discover thought leadership, driven by the platform data and independent research. On the LinkedIn Ads Blog, the platform keeps providing the content needed to succeed on the platform and use marketing solutions effectively.

The first Collective theme is focused on driving creativity in the B2B advertising industry:

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In a column for the Collective, LinkedIn VP of Marketing Jim Habig shares why he thinks creativity is the key to unlocking stronger B2B brands (and ultimately, better ROI). He says, “B2B marketing is on the cusp of big change and creativity is at the very core of this new movement. Exciting times ahead.”

The first Collective post focuses on how strong, emotion-driven creative drives long-term profitability by creating memorable brands. “Because B2B sellers are intent on proving the ROI of their usually complex product, they prioritize communicating functional benefits rather than the power of emotion in their marketing. This leads to a shortage of impactful B2B creative that underestimates the amount of emotion tied up in our decision-making, whether about a product we use in the office or in the kitchen.”

Marketers can find insights and data-driven guidance for marketing on LinkedIn and optimizing their return on investments, on the LinkedIn Collective page.