Supari Studios announces set of key appointments & promotions

Supari Studios

Supari Studios announced a series of hires and promotions to further strengthen its dynamically talented team of creative and innovative professionals.

Dharmesh Joshi has joined Supari Studios as a Senior Creative Director, where his responsibilities include leading the BB squad to grow content at scale, working with key internal stakeholders to build YT-first solutions for brands, and developing a multi-platform content eco-system solution for legacy and new-age brands. His previous stints at prominent companies like Asymmetrique, The Glitch, Kinnect and The Walt Disney Company have armed him with 13 years of rich experience and in-depth knowledge of the advertising and media industry.

Hardik Nagar has joined Supari Studios as a Creative Director, where he will be seen working with key internal stakeholders to build YT-first solutions, as well as engaging content IPs and campaigns driving growth for brands. He comes with a rich background in creative writing, having previously worked with Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT). A seasoned professional, Hardik has over 7+ years of experience in content creation, creative direction and solving branded content needs.

Meanwhile, besides these new appointments, Shivani Mehta, who was previously a Lead Creative Producer, has been elevated to the position of Executive Producer at Supari Studios. Her new role will see her undertake responsibilities such as planning and executing various shoots for brands/clients, and account management.

Ishan Naman Sinha – previously the Assistant Vice President heading all Strategy efforts – has been recently promoted as the Vice President. He will be leading and strategizing content for all CS and CP projects as well as building key consumer relationships.

Furthermore, Kalpit Dalmia has been promoted as an Executive Producer responsible for planning and executing various shoots for brands/clients, managing budgets and projects and also ideating with clients/brands on their creative requirements.

At the same time, Mrinal Chawla, with six years of work experience as a creative producer, has been elevated to the position of Executive Producer. In this role, he will be seen working alongside the strategy and brand partnerships team to help realize the content vision, planning and executing various shoots for brands/clients, and managing budget and project.

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Nisha Vasudevan – VP, Creative Development – Supari Studios, mentioned, “I am excited to be growing our creative team – and thereby, our creative capabilities. Hardik and Dharmesh both bring with them a deep understanding of the YouTube universe and branded content, and they will help strengthen our efforts to create top-notch branded content for Gen Y-Gen Z audiences that have a twofold purpose: solving brand problems, and entertaining people.”

Shirley D’Costa – CBO – Kulfi Collective, stated, “We’re delighted to be building a sturdy team of very driven and zealous individuals, with a deep focus on moulding the cultural narrative for brands with whom we work. We are excited to work with a team full of unique, diverse, and strong voices. Their expertise will prove to be a substantial asset in building the company’s long-term mission – to strive for creative excellence. With an amazing team like this, Supari Studios is set up to deliver scale and efficiency and achieve greater heights of success.”

Manoti Jain – COO – Supari Studios, said, We are excited to partner and onboard digital-first creators like Dharmesh and Hardik, both unique voices that share a common passion building channels and communities for Gen Y and Gen Z audiences. With a team like this, Supari Studios is set up to “scale to new heights”.

By setting up a team of individuals with great potential, Supari Studios are boosting not only their leadership skills but also their capabilities and offerings by leaps and bounds.