WhatsApp launches new privacy features

WhatsApp privacy features

WhatsApp has introduced new privacy features that provide interlocking layers of protection and give users more control over their messages on WhatsApp.

Personal calls and messages on WhatsApp are protected with default end-to-end encryption. Over the years WhatsApp has continued to add privacy features like disappearing messages that self-destruct, end-to-end encrypted backups, two-step verification, and the ability to block and report unwanted chats. WhatsApp has now introduced new layers of protection.

Leave Groups Silently

WhatsApp is making it possible to exit a group privately without making it a big deal to everyone. Now, instead of notifying the full group when users are leaving, only the admins will be notified. This feature will start to roll out to all users this month.

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Choose Who Can See When You’re Online

For moments users want to keep their online presence private, the platform is introducing the ability to select who can and can’t see when a user is online. This will start rolling out to all users this month.

Screenshot Blocking for View Once Messages

View Once is a way to share photos or media that don’t need to have a permanent digital record. Now WhatsApp is enabling screenshot blocking for View Once messages for an added layer of protection. The platform is testing this feature now and will roll it out to users soon.