YouTube launches a Creator Safety Center

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YouTube launches a Creator Safety Center

The Creator Safety Center has been launched to enable racial justice, equity & product inclusion and is the first of the series of updates YouTube plans to launch for this initiative.

This development of the initiative kicked off the rollout of the Creator Safety Center, is supported by the dedicated Racial Justice, Equity, and Product Inclusion team at YouTube, established two years ago inspired by the global Racial Justice movement.

In response to feedback garnered from discourse with underrepresented communities, YouTube invested in system improvements while also launching new features designed to help creators more easily moderate their comments.

Here are some of the updates as a part of the initiative:

  • Creators have a new, optional setting that will catch more potentially inappropriate or spam comments by selecting “Increase Strictness” in their comment settings. These comments are held for review in YouTube Studio, where creators can choose to approve, remove or report them.

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  • There's also an update to YouTube Studio so that comments that may be considered more hurtful than others are now placed in a separate, hidden section at the bottom of the held for review tab. This way, creators can choose to ignore them completely and leave them unreviewed if they prefer.
  • The platform has started rolling out Channel Guidelines, which allows creators to clearly communicate what is and is not ok in their comments section.
  • In a recent survey, we learned that while 95 percent of creators experienced unwanted behavior across multiple social platforms, only 50 percent said they had access to resources or the necessary support to handle these interactions. So in collaboration with creators and third-party experts like ConnectSafely, The Family Online Safety Institute and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, YouTube collected in-depth information and tips on topics like how to stay safe when starting out as a new creator, what to do as your channels are growing and how to navigate experiencing things like bullying, trolling, account hijacking and more. Creators can now access all this information in the new Creator Safety Center, which has been launched.
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