YouTube to now add Watermarks on the downloaded Shorts

YouTube Watermarks

Watermarks will soon be visible on the videos of creators who download Shorts using the YouTube Studio on desktops

Watermarks are being added to YouTube Shorts. That implies that if a creator makes a short video on YouTube, they won’t be able to download it and cross-post it to other platforms without a watermark from YouTube.

If a creator downloads his Shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other platforms, a watermark is now added to the downloaded content.

This implies that instead of creating original content, creators may just repost the same video on other platforms. This has prompted platforms to take efforts to ensure that duplicate content is not shared on other platforms and the creators that take the initiative to create and post original content. If creators continue to re-post content on other platforms, viewers will be able to easily identify where the video was originally posted (in YouTube’s case, with the help of the watermark).

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Watermarking downloaded Shorts could encourage creators to keep the content they are making with YouTube Studio on YouTube itself.

Once it has successfully rolled out to desktop users, watermarks will come to YouTube’s mobile iteration over the coming months.