YouTube launches tool to turn videos into Shorts

The newly launched tool will enable creators to transform their long-format videos into Shorts of up to 60 seconds long on iOS devices, and up to 15 seconds long on Android devices.

Creators can also use their usual editing features such as timeline editor and add text, filters, etc. while converting videos to Shorts using the tool rolled out by YouTube.

The recently launched format Shorts has been garnering hefty engagement, and the platform has also been pushing the format at new placements on the platform along with new features for the format, and the latest update is a part of this development.

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Here is some more information on the new tool:

  • The tool is rolling out now for mobile creation across iOS and Android devices
  • Repurpose older content to fit the new format and new engage new audiences
  • If creators select a part of the video that is less than 60 seconds, they can shoot additional videos with the Shorts camera as well as upload more videos from your gallery to make 60s Shorts if need be
  • In order to shoot or add gallery video they’ll need to hit the back arrow once in the editing screen after you’ve chosen your video segment
  • Shorts created from VODs will link back to the original long-form videos so that people watching the Short can see the original video too
  • Only the original creator will be able to import the long-form videos into Shorts as this tool is not available for creators to use others’ content