One word Tweet: The latest viral sensation

one word tweet

Amtrak, an American & Canadian long-distance rail service, has made a one-word tweet trend on the App, and brands and celebs around the globe are participating in it.

Social media is truly a bizarre place where people can connect, brands can sell out, and single-word tweets can become viral sensations in a matter of hours. An American rail service provider Amtrak’s Twitter handle, in the early hours of Friday tweeted out a one-word tweet saying ‘Train,’ and within hours of it going online, the whole internet was tweeting one-word tweets. 

Celebs like Sachin Tendulkar and the President of the USA, Joe Biden, joined the viral trend, where they tweeted out ‘Cricket’ and ‘Democracy,’ respectively. The original trending tweet currently has over 153K likes and 20K retweets. 

A simple tweet that quickly became a global trend has seen many variations laced with humor, quirk and creativity. Swiggy simply chose ‘food’ as their choice of word, while Zomato chose a different route.

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Hopping on the trend and describing itself perfectly, Google India tweeted out ‘answers.’

While Windows chose the obvious word

While brands from every corner of the world enjoyed the trend and participated in it, tweeting out some truly creative words defining themselves, this trend left a lot of netizens confused while some appreciated the humor and on the other hand, many had a completely different reaction and called it utter ‘madness.’