Google rolls out privacy-first My Ad Center for users globally

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Google users around the globe will have the choice to see more of the brands and topics they like with the rolling out of the My Ad Center.

To strengthen the way users control their ad experiences and to help businesses thrive in a privacy-first environment, Google announced the global roll-out of My Ad Center, on Search, YouTube, and Discover. Users around the world will have the choice to see more of the brands and topics they like and less of the ones they don’t either directly from the ads or from the centre.

Users can choose to block sensitive ads, and learn more about the information used to personalize their ad experience and control it based on preferences. Users will also have the ability to turn off ads personalization completely from easy-to-find controls on My Ad Center. The option to turn off personalized ads in My Ad Center applies to ads users see on and off Google, and will automatically apply on any device where they are signed in to their Google account.

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Key new features of My Ads Center include:

  • More controls for activities used to personalize ads: My Ad Center expands Google’s privacy controls to allow users more direct control over which data sources, specifically Web & App Activity and YouTube History, are used to personalize their ads across Google Search, YouTube, and Discover.
  • Expanding user control for sensitive categories: In My Ad Center, users have the ability to see fewer ads in five sensitive categories, including alcohol, dating, gambling, pregnancy and parenting, and weight loss. Before, this feature affected ads shown on YouTube and Display. Now, it expands to ads shown on Search and Discover.
  • Advertiser pages: To give people even more transparency, Google is enhancing ad disclosures with new advertiser pages. Users can access these disclosures in the new My Ad Center panel and see the ads a specific verified advertiser has run over the past 30 days.

In a blog published today, Jerry Dischler, VP/GM, Ads, underlined Google’s commitment to core privacy principles, “Online advertising doesn’t need to be confusing or out of your control. My Ad Center builds on our responsibility to strengthen the ways we keep users in control of their ad experiences while ensuring that every day, people are safer with Google.”

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