Halloween brand creatives serve spooky treats

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Halloween Brands Creatives

Halloween Brand Creatives go trick or treating on social media and celebrate the real-life horrors with a touch of humour, amusement, and spook.

Brands tap on a day that celebrates the line between the dead and living on the last day of October, with spooky and spine-chilling Halloween brand creatives. 

A day celebrating the dead that originated in the far west has made its way to the Indian society for quite some time now. The spooky season hasn’t just seen popularity among party-goers and cos-players but has also sparked a conversation among brands creating engagement and garnering traffic. 

From relating to everyday real-life horror incidents to inviting entries from users, brands like Nature’s Basket, Skore India, Bumble India, and many others tapped into the horrors of dealing with everyday terrors, giving it a humorous touch. 

Other brands touched on the same aspect and gave the spooky day its own touch.

Here’s a look at some of the Halloween brand creatives we came across.

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Nature's Basket

Bumble India

Skore India

Subway India

Manforce India

Tinder India

Durex India

Snickers India

Doritos India


Prime Video India

Netflix India

McDonalds India

Burger King India


Polycab India

AU Bank India

Glucon-D India

Uber India

Did we miss out on any of your favourite brand creative this Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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