LinkedIn launches document ads for lead-generation

LinkedIn document ads

LinkedIn’s Document Ads would enable brands to collect lead-gen info by gating the content they share on the platform.

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has launched a new ad format called Document Ads. The roots of this new ad format stem from a user inclination that a substantial chunk of users download and read documents and research papers shared on the platform.

Here’s how marketers and brands can make the most of this new ad format:

Choose campaign objective

Marketers can use Document Ads with Brand Awareness, Engagement, and Lead Generation objectives. Choose to share the content freely to build awareness and grow thought leadership or gate the documents with a Lead Gen Form to collect high-quality leads.

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Create Document Ads that play to the objective

Decide whether to share the content freely or in exchange for lead information. Leverage the content library to build awareness with eBooks & whitepapers or drive engagement with customer testimonials & case studies. Collect leads by gating documents with a Lead Gen Form.

Measure Document Ads ROI

Measure the impact of the Document Ads by understanding member interest and engagement with the document. Track what percentage of the document was viewed and total downloads.