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As the SAMMIE 2022 nomination deadline has been extended till 4th November, we take a look at the Special categories of Best Social Media Brands.

Social Samosa is all geared up for Best Social Media Brands. SAMMIE 2022 pays tribute to the custodians, strategists, planners, and creative geniuses who toil and sweat to develop successful, engaging, and genuine brands across platforms. 

With the fifth season of SAMMIE underway, here’s a closer look at the Best Social Media Brands Special Categories.

The event comprises of 21 Main Categories, 16 Special Categories, and 6 Individual (Marketing Achievers) Categories. 

The 16 Special Categories at Best Social Media Brands are as below:

  • Best Use of Social Media to launch a product or service

Brands that have successfully used social media to launch a product, fall under this category.

  • Best Use of Social Media to generate leads or drive revenue

One of the best mediums for generating leads is social media. Nominate now if your brand has been successful in generating leads and RoI through social media.

  • Best Use of Technology to create a seamless Brand Experience on Social Media

This category is for you if you have mastered the use of technology in a seamlessly integrated campaign using AI, VR, AR, or other forms.

  • Best Use of Branded Content and Creators

The category is for brands that used branded content on their channel or created content in collaboration with creators to go beyond traditional advertising.

  • Best Use of Video Content

The effectiveness of video as a medium for marketing is no longer a surprise. This category is for you if you have succeeded in producing ground-breaking video content from a marketing standpoint.

  • Best UGC/Co-Creation Strategy

User-generated campaigns that leveraged content created by consumers as a part of the campaign fall under this category.

  • Best Use of Social Media for a Cause

A category for brand efforts that, in addition to mastering the notion of cause marketing, also stayed true to their commitment by actively supporting the cause offline.

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  • Best Conversational Brand on Social Media

The desire to participate in someone else's tale has faded among audiences. They want to participate in a dialogue, be heard, and be addressed. Apply right now if you derive delight in managing a brand that is engaging and conversational.

  • Best Use of Social Media for Content Marketing

According to the classic definition of content marketing, content is used to promote a good or service. However, this meaning has evolved with the ages. It all comes down to creating interesting content that effectively and subtly spreads the message. Nominate outstanding content marketing campaigns.

  • Best Use of Digital Data, Analytics & Listening

Data is a treasure trove because it provides you with an in-depth understanding of who your customers are, what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Nominate for this category if your brand has successfully and substantially benefited from data.

  • Best Use of Metaverse

Metaverse, ranging from the first claim that it is a fad that will pass away and be forgotten -- to other brands genuinely declaring that it is the future and that we should pay attention because it is here to stay. This category is for honoring creativity and excellence in the metaverse.

  • Best Use of Short Video Content

This category is for you if you have succeeded in producing ground-breaking short video content from a marketing standpoint.

  • Best Use of Social Media for Crisis Management

Does your brand take pride in creating a path-breaking crisis management campaign for any social media platform? Now is the time to stand out.

  • Best use of Memes & Moments

This category is for campaigns that have leveraged memes and know how to ignite a moment with the right marketing strategy and leverage it, you know what to do.

  • Best Use of Social Media for Occasion/Festival

Diwali, Holi, or Eid – the finest times to communicate and engage with your customers are during occasions. If you have an effective marketing plan, nominate now.

  • Best Use of Social Media for Influencer Marketing

Have you successfully implemented an influencer marketing campaign? Nominate now.

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