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Who are we? 

We believe that storytelling is the universal currency of existence. OWLED is a testament to the fact that a story can change the world. A story that a young kid repeated to himself, is now India’s fastest-growing Media Network.

OWLED as we like to call it, is a media network helping some of the most inspiring brands with different facets of marketing across Brand & Marketing Campaigns, Video Production, Digital Content, Augmented Reality, Social Media, Personal Branding, Design & More!

Our young OWLs have done some exciting & highly impactful work for brands like CRED, HP, Disney+Hotstar, Groww, Estee Lauder, Unacademy, PhonePe, TATA Communications, Ankur Warikoo, Licious, Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, StockGro, INDmoney, GupShup, Uni Cards, Spenny, Shree Cements, CASHe, and many more brands!

At OWLED we have the vision of building a global service provider, taking India, to the world.

What's in the name? 

Our founder Ayush, has always been a night OWL. When the agency he started before OWLED didn’t work out, he wanted to put a part of his identity (quite literally!) into the new name.

Fast forward hours and hours of looking for the right domain name and trademark, OWLED was born.

What do we do? 

OWLED Media - The Visual Storytelling Division

  • Brand & Marketing Campaign Concept & Strategy
  • TV & Digital Commercials & Films
  • Animations - 2D & 3D Content
  • Video Production & Post-Production

OWLED Social - Everything Social Media

  • End to End Social Media Content Creation & Management
  • Personal Branding for Founders
  • Influencer Marketing
  • AR Filters - Instagram, Snapchat 

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Why do we do it?

There’s a need to specialize in the market. Today, you can’t be an agency that does everything for everyone. You HAVE to pick something specific and ace it.

What helped us differentiate was/is our focus towards acing certain services and not rushing to do everything at once.

How do we evolve? 

Being agile with our approach has helped us a lot.

Whether it’s changing the way we look at production or introducing new tech-first services like AR.

Social responsibility in social media 

All of our decision-making revolves around one central concept: we are consumers first and foremost. We always try to see our own ideas through the eyes of how the average customer would react to them. Hence, we make certain that what we put on the internet is credible and honest, adding to our accountability as a socially responsible agency.

Need of the hour 

We’ve been talking about this for years, but our industry truly needs stricter boundaries.

Clients calling on a Friday night, and giving a task, on a regular basis, shouldn’t be normalised.

We learned the hard way 

How to say ‘NO’ to new business. It’s really critical to pick the people you partner up with.

They work with us 

We’ve had the absolute privilege of working with some of the finest clients, like MAC Cosmetics, Disney+Hotstar, HP, CRED, Licious, Unacademy, Hypd., Groww, CashE, Questt, PhonePe, Moj, and much more!

Industry as we foresee 

We see two trends emerging, 

1. Most brands will primarily shift to video - short form/long form - agencies with a good hold on video will emerge stronger

2. Brands will focus a lot on organic distribution channels - something that was largely secondary for a long time.

A day without Internet 

A day without the Internet is like a breath of fresh air; it is much welcomed and cherished. We realize the importance of taking a step back and being in the moment, as much as good and honest work is appreciated. Balance is the key, and it is a ‘hoot’!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always looking for great minds to be a part of our journey, and currently looking for people to join us in growth and business roles.

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