Cause marketing campaigns that attempted to make the world a better place

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Take a look at some of the most effective cause marketing campaigns that highlighted social issues in an effort to improve the world.

In the world we live in, we confront a myriad of global issues, including gender inequality, food wastage, fatal illnesses, pollution, climate change, and more. In a bid to create awareness and solutions for many of these challenges, cause marketing campaigns come into the picture.

Consumers these days too are more aware of these global challenges and resonate with brands that reflect their values and take efforts towards the same. Various reports suggest that the youth find it easier to connect with sustainable and green brands.

According to a Havas Report, more than 60% of consumers in India care about the social impact of products, and the effect of the product on society and would like their favorite brands to play a much larger role in society. 

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Here are a few cause marketing campaigns aimed at improving the society we live in through awareness and initiative.

Vicks- #TouchOfCare

Tata Tea- Fight Climate Change

Ariel- #ShareTheLoad

Nestlé- Generation Regeneration

Prega News- Your Second Home

HR Johnson- Red Ramp Project

Nestlé and Nanhi Kali- #EducateTheGirlChild

IKEA- Waste

P&G Shiksha- The Story of Sushila

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