Children's Day 2022 Campaigns - Brands dip their toes into unconventional themes

Sneha Medda
Nov 14, 2022 13:39 IST
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Children's Day 2022

Children's Day 2022 campaigns and creatives saw a fresh narrative that broke the traditional ways while taking a trip down the memory lane.

November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day in India and it's a day that sparks nostalgic emotions in every adult. From remembering the small things that shaped our childhood, to how those things have changed for the newer generations. These sentiments are reflected in Children's Day 2022 campaigns and creatives.

This year to celebrate these innocent emotions, brands dipped their toes into contemporary themes and broke the age-old narrative on different genres. Bajaj Allianz’s new campaign shines a light on how every child’s life goals need support from their family, no matter how unconventional. Riding on a familiar path, Bournvita’s #FaithNotForce campaign urges parents to consider their kid’s true talent, which did attract some major eyeballs. 

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While many other brands took the humorous route and created relatable creatives that reminded every grown-up of their childhood memories.

Here’s a list of Children's Day 2022 campaigns and creatives we came across on the socio-verse this Children’s Day. 

Bajaj Allianz

Gritzo -  #AcheRahoSadaBacheRaho

Otrivin - 1000 Open Letters


SBI Life

Aashirvaad - #PocketFullOfExcuses 



HDFC - Finance Made Easy

Google India



Spotify India


Prime Video India




Subway India

Ariel India

McDonald's India

Make My Trip

Nickelodeon India

If we have missed out on any of your favourite Children’s Day 2022 creatives and campaigns, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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